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  1. sideshow

    Saying Goodbye Is Very Difficult

    Glad to see you back
  2. sideshow

    My First Hogfish

    Nice catch Congratz .
  3. sideshow

    Born To Fish...and Hunt

    Always love your reports
  4. sideshow

    All Good Things Must Come To An End

    Nice write up. What charter is this ?
  5. sideshow

    Need Help Finding A Charter

    Well when we did the TOF trip not even half the boat caught a fish. my group which was 4 of us didn't get 1 fish either. We were told we would get a discount on a next trip. I have a friend who had setup a charter with 2 Georges and invited me to take her son out for his birthday . I had them cancel their reservation and I called Dylan and he said no to the discount. Oh well .I decide to go with Hubbards anyway . 3 reservations, ice, drinks, rod rentals, bait came up to over $480.00 . Just a really bad day . 2 trips in a row really sucks. I understand fishing is fishing , but being a local and in 2 trips getting nothing and paying about a grand between both trips leaves a sour taste in my mouth . The only good thing abut the trip was spending time with friends . I did say hi to Dylan and talk a bit. He and his family are good people. I might one day do the 39 hour , but I don't think I can ever do another 12 hour. I'm not going to ask for a future discount after being told no once already. I'll repeat again I know it isn't their fault , but doesn't help the loss of funds or the back to back quiet trips .
  6. I'm looking for a charter for Saturday night or Sunday 12 hours I will be with friends want to go out for America red snapper right now. Was trying to see if tof got a discount at Hubbards but we don't and by time I found out they were booked so I'm trying 258 Charter that goes out Saturday night or Sunday for 12 hours . It's my friend's son's birthday so we're trying to get him out
  7. sideshow

    Need Help Finding A Charter

    If you remember the TOF charter we did. Not even close to that trip . Maybe 25 fish total on board. Need a private charter . Dropped $480.00 on that trip for a friend and her son who's birthday it was. My friend caught a red grouper and that was pretty much it for all 3 of us.
  8. sideshow

    Need Help Finding A Charter

    Ok . Called back and was able to reserve 3 spots that was open. Hoping this trip goes better then the last tof hubards event. Wish we got a discount , but we don't
  9. sideshow

    Huge Grouper And Much More

    Wow that's a nice haul . Might call tomorrow for Sundays 10 hor trip to check on pricing.
  10. sideshow

    111Lb Cubera Snapper Caught On Hubbard's 39Hr Trip!

    Crazy . Thinking about doing the 10 trip Sunday with 2 others
  11. sideshow

    Kind Of New

    Welcome back home .
  12. sideshow

    Am I On The Right Track

    I have never targeted them , but I will tell you a spot a Captain told me about , but never tries. Howard Franklin bridge. from the east side anchor between the 2 to 4th pylon. Claims he has caught a lot there on numerous trips. If you try it please post feedback. I would like to target them , but will be trying grouper this week end
  13. Love it. Just steer clear of any cops lol .
  14. sideshow


    One day I'll get my Poon . I see they are hitting right now .
  15. sideshow

    Tarpon Bite?

    I have a friend catching quite a few on the beaches this week.
  16. sideshow

    Gheenoe pet project.

    Thanks Mike. and yes Barry I have always liked Mike lol . Right now I'm super busy working on me. Seeing a therapist, doctor, gym and maybe a phsychirachist soon lol. I do want to fish with ya Mike 1 day.
  17. I didn't post this until now because I have enough people putting me down telling me how I can't do what I am thinking. Firecat has given me some great advice , but in a mature manner told me to do smaller projects first.Well I can't let it go. I'm going all in and any one who tells me no again can say it upon deaf ears .I love my Gheenoe . I wish she was a bit longer and a bit wider. I wish I had decks and more.Well here is what I am going to try . If I fail then at last I will be satisfied knowing I tried.I have grounded down the whole outside of the noe to the resin. I have cut the middle seat out and ground out a big area .I am trying to make a jig . When done and I have my pattern I and cutting her in half width ways. I will be glassing in 4' to her length .If this is successful I will them cut her from front to back. Radius from flush to 18'' at the transom.All works out I will be adding bulk heads inside the whole boats length and width for strength . Then I will add a flat floor 3'' from the bottom. Fully glassed in to add more strength . Foam 100% underneath for buoyancy .If everything ti ok then I will be adding 3'' to the height of the walls. This is so I can add a large front/ rear/ and middle deckThis is something that I can't get out of my head. It's like a sickness so please don't get to negative on me in here.
  18. sideshow

    Friday Night - Boys Night Out

    Looks like a great bonding time
  19. sideshow

    Gheenoe pet project.

    Put on hold for awhile which sucks. Medical bills. then got laid off and just started working. Going through a rough break up now. Life just keeps kicking me down , but I'm still trying to fight on .
  20. sideshow

    Newbie - Palma Sola Bay

    Welcome home
  21. sideshow

    Fishing With Passion

    Welcome home
  22. sideshow

    Birthday Charter

    Purty snook. Happy Birthday
  23. sideshow


    Nice kings
  24. sideshow

    Can't Stay Away.

    Glad you can't stay away . Bass fishing is better then no fishing