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  1. Yep - it's definitely true. I was at Siesta Key beach yesterday with the family and it was absolutely gross in the water - MAJOR killoff...dead fish everywhere....
  2. Yes - It worked perfectly! Thank you again Matthew for your responsiveness and follow through! It is greatly appreciated!
  3. I'm definitely interested in doing so as well....can it be done?
  4. Granted, I haven't been dealing with inshore fishing for very long, but I've never seen anything like this before... http://www.cnn.com/2016/03/25/us/florida-fish-kill/
  5. Hey George! My name is Chris and I too own and fish from a Big Rig. Don't you love that thing?! It took me a long time to realize that sometimes as I drifted and paddled along, I was inadvertently "spooking" the fish. I had to really take it sloooooow when I was coming across an area that I felt held fish, and in particular reds, which are notoriously spooky to begin with. I don't know how you are approaching your spots in the kayak, but if you are kind of just cruising and paddling onto them, you may inadvertently be scaring them away, particularly in the shallower waters. Are you approaching your spots cautiously, stealthily and slowly? If not, I'm thinking that may help you a whole lot more than you may think.
  6. I'm a still somewhat newbie to inshore fishing....When I met Gary a few years ago at one of the annual fishing events at the state fairgrounds, he introduced me to this site. At the time he told me this site would help me to get plugged into important conservation and lobbying issues facing the hobby and help me to get better at it...When I checked it out, I was absolutely blown away by the friendliness of everyone on the forum, the true feeling of community and the ease of information sharing. I know firsthand that everyone genuinely seemed patient and helpful with me and my beginner level questions at the time because I sure asked a lot of them, and received helpful feedback on each and every occasion....I also enjoyed the "fishy maps" because it helped me to get better at fishing, not by going and milking that information to ruthlessly pillage those particular spots but rather reference what it was about them that made them "fishy" to begin with (and of course take that knowledge to go find my own spots that had similar characteristics)....Everything was great! For whatever reason now though, it seems like a few of the more active and vocal people on this site are perpetually in a really bad mood for one reason or another, particularly the "veterans" who seem to want to chastise or berate newer folks who ask questions or post comments that otherwise seem to be pretty benign...I'm not sure why the tone has changed for the worse but I hope the goodwill and cheerfulness returns because as it stands now, it is sorely lacking from some moderators and members... All in all though, I still think TOF is a marvelous site and I think Gary has done great job growing it. I'm thankful he introduced TOF to me a few years ago and I like his re-emphasis here that this site is committed to getting back to its roots of sharing and community.
  7. Fantastic report - a true joy to read! I haven't been out in ages and unfortunately the earliest I'll be able to go is the middle of next week. Looking forward to that, but in the meantime, reports like this are great!
  8. THANK YOU!!!! It has been driving me nuts! I really appreciate your help! Thank you again!
  9. Hi - These 2 little star shaped brackets are on the rear deck of my gheenoe (it was a homemade deck done bythe previous owner). Does anyone know what these are or what they're used for? I haven't been able to figure it out. Thanks in advance...
  10. Good advice! I'm planning on heading out again on Thursday and will look forward to checking out some some new waters
  11. That totally makes sense....and congrats on that beauty of a red! :-)
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