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    TOF Snook Fishing THIS Saturday on SUPERMOON!!!!

    .......... I work
  2. Great giveaway and contest is getting close to the end and the grand prize drawing is almost here! Get entered quick (Facebook required...)Enter here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/-/8504193050?sk=app_143103275748075&app_data=from-34lduoGOOD LUCK!
  3. fishingbigguy

    Accidentally Caught My First Tarpon

    I would bet that they are actually landlocked: they became trapped in their historically and are now a breeding happy-go-lucky tribe of freshie tarps. Where is this lake...?
  4. fishingbigguy

    rod and reel combo

    Jeremy-DUDE GO ALL OUT AND GET THE BEST:Star Rods Seagis with a Shimano Ci4! You'll thank me down the road. And don't look at the price tags... Just do it! Entire setup with braid weighs less than a pound yet can pull in behemoths!
  5. fishingbigguy

    Just Caught a BLIND BASS!

    Haha David! Yeah I was... But he swam off without any problems! Lol Mother Nature sure is amazing. The fact that this beautiful fish could thrive with cataracts is astonishing!
  6. Can you believe it!? This big 6# bass came creeping up to the shore along the Hillsborough River and, as not to "spook it" I hide near a bush and chuck my lure just past it. I must have tried 6-8 times without him even looking at it. Finally, I walk right up to him and.....oddly enough... He doesn't even flinch! At this point I take a good look at him and realize HIS EYES ARE FULL OF CATARACTS!!! I run my lure right on his upper lip and POW! he takes it without effort. It was awesome because he was so fat and happy and must not have any trouble being blind. I wish I could have put him in an aquarium or something- lol!
  7. fishingbigguy

    ZMan Fishing Lures Online Fishing Contest

    Yeah sheephead and mullet in the bay, maybe cobia offshore, and tons and tons of tilapia!!! Maybe a gar for fun but I like them so we will see...
  8. fishingbigguy

    ZMan Fishing Lures Online Fishing Contest

    Nice one, Kevin! Dang... I didn't win anything... Lol!
  9. fishingbigguy

    ZMan Fishing Lures Online Fishing Contest

    Arti-6: YES I HAVE! I have fished it for two weeks now and have caught well over 200 fish. Next week I am going to start bowfishing from it. Pics to come
  10. fishingbigguy

    ZMan Fishing Lures Online Fishing Contest

    Welcome. Figured karma will be on my side hopefully if I share it haha
  11. Another cool contest for you guys and gals to enter! Lots of prizes like lures (obviously) and the grand prize is a crazy nice fishing trip! It requires Facebook to enter; otherwise click below!Click here to enter: http://www.facebook.com/pages/-/8504193050?sk=app_143103275748075&app_data=from-34lduo
  12. fishingbigguy

    SOLD - My Gheenoe for your Kayak

    Already traded, sorry.
  13. fishingbigguy

    Just FYI, last day to enter...

    Hey fellow-TOFers: Last day to win this sweet contest with sick prizes! Jackson Kayak's Drew Gregory takes the winner on a once-in-a-lifetime kayak fishing trip to the keys (with a stay at Parmer's Resort) and you get a sick tricked out Jackson kayak of your choice! Target species include everything from backwater tarpon to open flat permit. Click link below to enter. Enter here: http://woobox.com/z3j4re/334a6s
  14. fishingbigguy

    SOLD - My Gheenoe for your Kayak

    This guy: WINNER!!!!! In leaving you a message on here.
  15. fishingbigguy

    SOLD - My Gheenoe for your Kayak

    Oakleaf: I like the size of that bad boy! Can you send pics of the actual kayak? Any big wear marks or scratches? Fading?IntimiGator: is your 'yak the 11' model? If so, I really want something a little bigger...