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  1. captjimlemke

    Mobbly Bay Lake?

    Not a place for a boat i have fished it in my skiff and it floats in 8 inches and you have to watch the tides like everyone said but the fishing is great. I have only have made my way in from the bay. I have never put in at the park.
  2. captjimlemke

    Sunday morning sleigh ride...

    Nice work.
  3. captjimlemke

    Davis Island, Palm River and McKay Bay

    It was good seeing you guys at the ramp that morning. I am glad to see the PR is still doing good.
  4. captjimlemke

    My First Cast With a Mr. Wiffle!

    Great job. That is a great redfish in anyone's book.
  5. captjimlemke

    Winter fishing is heating up

    The 50 foot was for the guys that fish for grouper in the channel. I been using that little trick for a long time just a few degrees can make the different of catching fish or not.
  6. captjimlemke

    Microskiff dealer in Tampa Area?

    I have the old style HPX 18. It has more room on the bow and is a little more stable for fishing Tarpon on fly and it floats in 8 in of water to chase redfish around. It is the best overall skiff in its class.
  7. Come out and see Spencer Goodwin doing a Winter Time Kayak seminar at West Marine Tampaon Thursday, January 16, 2014 at 6:00pm the address is 3905 West Cypress Street, Tampa, Florida 33607 or go to the Fishing Event Page. I hope to see you there.
  8. captjimlemke

    Winter fishing is heating up

    Yes he is i have to put it up in the event forum.I hope the report helps.
  9. With January here along the cold fronts moving in every few weeks the fishing is heating up.What's Hot:While fishing in the winter has its good days and it
  10. captjimlemke

    Microskiff dealer in Tampa Area?

    You might want to look at the HPX series you can find them use around the Tampa area or like HPX18 said go see the guys at FBC. I love my HPX 18.
  11. captjimlemke

    Capt Mike puts the Ohio guys on fish

    Nice job Capt Mike
  12. captjimlemke

    Double Branch

    They got my 4 month old Owen & Sons trailer. I was doing a double that day and i got a call from a friend of mine that they were having a few beers sitting on my trailer waiting for me to come back. He gave me a call at 4:15 and i got back at 5 and it was gone and they cut through a ss lock. I will call my craber buddy and ask him when it will be paved.
  13. captjimlemke

    Double Branch

    The ramp is open with new docks now. The only problem is they are going to pave the parking lot in the next few days. For your car or truck getting broke into or your trailer stolen. I think mine was the last one stolen 3 years ago and i have not heard of any break ins in the past 1 year and i fish out of that ramp all the time.
  14. captjimlemke

    Reds on fly in Tampa Bay

    Tight Work and keep throwing that long rod and have some fun.
  15. captjimlemke

    Putting in at Gandy tomorrow

    It was at Bayside flat the other day.