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  1. Yeah he is still around. They have him doing a wide range of things at Brighthouse. I am getting together with him in March to do some filming. He is doing shows that include a lot of different things that have to do with old florida and fishing.
  2. Thanks guys! Yes Finn is going to be quite the fisherman! BA if you are ever near the railroad trestle in the little manatee stop by our office and say hello. We are the first building in the warehouse on the river. I have a seapro on the lift and you will see the Roundabout Watercraft signs on the side and back of the building! Or anyone in that case can stop by and say hi.
  3. My grandson Finn who is 3 came over for the weekend over New Years eve. We have a pond in the back that we fish for bass. He was able to catch a few bass in the pond and later that day he asked me if we were going to go catch some snook. I told him that we were going in the big boat the next day snook fishing. Finn was on a tear. He caught a bunch of snook with one going over 25" and he caught it all by himself along with all the other fish he caught that day. The kid LOVES to fish and I can not wait till he is about 5 when I have him throwing the net! Here is a short video of that day!
  4. Glad to see that the trip worked out for you. Nice mess of fish! Yeah these fish are so confused right now of where they want to stage up. But I have fought my instinct to go to my winter holes because they were not producing very well and I had to change my mind set to fish my spring spots.
  5. Timmy you are not the only one! LOL, I figured some might be getting tired of the videos. Hopefully when I get back from doing all these boat shows I have coming up I will be able to get out there and do some more. Had people asking about more snapper videos. LOL. Thanks for the kudos and I hope you had a Merry Christmas and hope you have a great 2016!
  6. Had the chance to get out and do a little fishing and boy was the bite on fire. We got into some nice reds and snook. The snook bite was really on fire. We had multiple double hookups. I did not do a video because my time is very limited right now but I got some nice shots of some of the fish we got. Bait is still on the flats and easy to catch. I have found that the majority of the fish are in their late spring spots. They just have not made the major transition to their winter haunts. But they will shortly with this cooler weather coming in. Here is a nice red that I got. 30" red Chad with a nice 28" Snook Beautiful day on the water!
  7. Those are nice cameras! For a cheaper version but actually better quality pic than the gopro look at a camera called the J4000. I have 2 of them and had them for over a year if not 2 years and they are still going strong. You can find great deals if you look online for less than $80.
  8. We had the chance to fish this last friday and as usual we had a blast. The fish were eating pretty good. I can not believe that we are still catching bait on the flats this close to december. I don't remember a time that has happened to me at least. We caught our usual suspects, trout, snook, snapper and reds. Of course we did a video and did some explaining on what we were doing and what we were looking for. We got into some really nice fish towards the end of the day and hitting the major solunar close to sundown and the bite was on. We got the 2 biggest snook at 29" and 33" along with a 29.5" red. I see the fishing being just as good in the forseeable future since the weather isin't going to change. I usually LOVE this time of year but the weather has the fish a little confused, but with moving around you can get them on a pattern. Here is the video and I hope you enjoy it!
  9. I am a little behind on my fishing videos, but this is from 2 weeks ago. Had a chance at the grand slam, snook, redfish, trout and tarpon but we could not keep the jacks off the bait. Fun day for sure. We have an upcoming video that is going to be epic! this one was still a lot of fun!
  10. Thanks for stopping by! Yep the flats were on FIRE. It is that time of year when everything is happening!
  11. Finally had the chance to get out on the water last weekend. With my new business it has been keeping me off the water on the weekends. Bait was easy on the flats and I decided to make a run south and fish Terra Ciea then head north as the day wore on. The smaller snook seem to be everywhere! I am really happy to see this and it is just going to be an awesome fishery within the next few years like it once was. We caught a fair share of snook, some reds, 1 trout that I got for my slam. We also had some by catches that I will let the video show. Probably caught close 50-60 fish. The flats literally EXPLODED around the boat. I got some great shots of that and I had so much film I only used about a 1/4 of it. I had a brain fart and forgot to add a section where I was talking about reading a new area that we were going to fish and maybe I will do a seperate piece on that. We were also able to get into snapper and grouper. We lost 4 or 5 nice grouper and got one in the box along with some decent snapper. Most of the fish came on free lined dead bait. I did not even put that into the video. Might add it to the other one that I might do. I am just glad to get out on the water! We are coming into my favorite time of year to fish!!!
  12. Had the chance to get out and do some fishing the other day. Actually got to fish in salt and freshwater. But this report is about the saltwater. Unfortunately we got out a little late and the tide was pretty much done for the day. We were fishing Terra Ciea and the bait was everywhere! I only managed to catch a small snapper and lose some other fish. My buddy was able to get a nice snook and caught a few other smaller ones. I am hoping to get out more this weekend. But with work and life in general it has been tough! The water seems to be getting a little better from all the rain that we have gotten. It was just nice to get out even if I didn't catch a ton of fish. Hope you enjoy the video!
  13. Hello All, some of you know me as Slingnbait, others know me as Todd Foucher and some other nicknames I will not mention . I have been asked by Gary Poyssick to start doing a video blog for Guy Harvey's The Online Fisherman Magazine. To say that I am quite honored is an understatement. I really enjoy helping fellow anglers with tips and techniques. My video blogs will have an educational flare to them and be shorter than my usual video posts about my fishing trips. I am really looking forward to doing this and getting a chance to put my huge green screens to good use for once. I am looking for any feedbakc through this process so if there is something that you want to see, please let me know! Thank you to everyone who has been supportive and interacting with us on our videos. I have met alot of great people through this site and look forward to meeting many more!
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