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  1. Will this be part of what was mention in this thread about an on-water class ( ) or will this be in-class only? I've done a couple of Vance's great in-class grouper trolling seminars but I'm really looking forward to the on-water class.
  2. Will this be part of the class mentioned in the beginning of this thread, or will this be in-class only? I've done a couple of Vance's in-class grouper trolling seminars and I'm really looking forward to the on-water class.
  3. Is there anymore word on this event? The last post was by Gary back in March. No follow-up since then.
  4. One thing to keep in mind, MotorGuides will only connect to Lowrance units and Minn Kota will only connect to Garmin units. But as SSS said, they are full function as long as you get the Xi5 with GPS built in..
  5. I second the XI5. I have a 24 volt 80 lb thrust on the boat and it's tied to my Lowrance as well. It works great. I use it to get bait and it holds the boat on a dime, even in a stiff wind. I also use it in conjunction with my Power Pole to keep my boat facing in a certain direction. It took a little getting used to the wireless operation but it works like a dream. I can control it from any part of the boat. I can go all day on a full charge.
  6. ctcap2000, If you don't mind me asking, what general area were you fishing. I was out near FD Sunday and had similar luck. I didn't see trout sitting on the bottom, but there was no fish movement at all and I didn't see fish where I normal do.
  7. I'm up for it as well. Especial for trolling the ship channel in the bay. I did the Tarpon class a couple of years ago. I learned a lot and had a good time. We even hooked into a couple of tarpon during the on-water part of the class. I sure hope this comes to fruition.
  8. You know, I used to love this place. I read, posted and participated in this forum quite a bit. I still log on every now and then. I don't agree with sharing particular fishing spots with the public, but don't mind giving advice (Not spots)to a beginner that will help them learn to fish for themselves. But to be honest, the magic that made this forum what it was, IS Gone. Between the in-fighting among members/moderators, the lack of forum sponsored activities like we had a couple of years back, the format changes the forum went through a while back when everyone's screen names and other info got scrambled and it took weeks of PMing moderators and administrators to get our info straightened out. I have seen a lot of newbies get blasted/flamed off this forum instead of being politely advised to proper fishing forum etiquette. All of this, as well as other things, has turned a lot of people off and made people leave the forum or not join in the first place after reading a few threads. I've spoken to a few of the regulars that used to call this forum home and they share the same sentiment.
  9. The fish are out there. Tammy and I went out last Saturday and she got one slam and I got a double slam. 8-10 snook, 3reds, and a mess of speckled trout were caught. We fished where the flats meet the mangroves. You mentioned the mullet guys heading out. Yeah, I've seen a few boats that are heading out in the evening with nets stacked on the front of the boats, and they aren't cast nets. Cast nets aren't that big. I couldn't see any reg numbers on the boats either. One of the boats, on trailer, pulled out onto hwy 41 from the lot next to the big house that is next to the Kitchen kayak launch in Gibsonton.
  10. This looks like a great event for a great cause. Tammy and I will be going if our schedule allows. I think it would a be a great way to meet some new faces even if you don't participate in the auction. Who else will be going? Here is the link to the article. www.theonlinefisherman.com/reel-news1/the-real-ladies-of-fishing
  11. Thank you for all, for the nice comments.
  12. D. here is what I have used in the past. It merges Google earth and Navigation charts together. The more you zoom down, the more detail is shown. http://earthnc.com/online-nautical-charts I also use the Navionics web app.
  13. Tammy and her mother sent me out on a guided charter trip with Capt. Jason Prieto for my birthday. He is a fishing guide in the local area. We left the dock shortly after 7:30 and blacking out the live-well with bait in short order. We then hit many spots along the eastern shoreline of Tampa Bay. He did an amazing job of putting me on quality fish. The first fish was caught within minutes of hitting the first spot. It was a 24 inch or so Spanish Mackerel and the second was a really nice Snook. We attempted to measure the snook with a yardstick but it was 4-5 inches longer than the yardstick. We stayed on quality fish throughout the day but the second fish caught was the largest.
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