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    Need Help

    Me and buddy are going wading this afternoon after work around 330 plan on being at the water around 430 5. Our normal fishing spot has a horrible tide down in anna maria so we are thinking about staying close to tampa bay are there any good wading spots around here i have heard 4th street bridge or weedon but wanted to get opinions on some spots and baits to use. We will be throwing artis Thanks for the help
  2. 1991 Key West 1700 Sportsman - 17'-2" Long x 82" Beam 2004 Yamaha 90HP 2 Stroke - Runs Great Motorguide Great White 54lb Thrust Trolling Motor Bimini Top Galvanized Trailer w/ All New Tires New Jack Stand New Cranking Battery $4,900 OBO Auburndale fl Any questions please call 8635819930
  3. calcutta86

    1991 Key West Sportman 1700 For Sale

    Going to purchase a new boat and using the money I get from this for a down payment on it
  4. Me and a friend are going wading tonight and I have fished both spots but I haven't in a couple of years due to having my boat but now that my boat is sold I wanted to try them again so with that being said what area is producing better these days? Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks Chad
  5. calcutta86

    Englewood, tressels, lemon bay

    Hey guys I am taking a 4 day fishing trip down to englewood tomorrow and I haven't fished that area in over 10 years so I have no clue of what is hot down there right now, if there is bait anywhere, or anything really.. I am just asking for some tips while down there and maybe a few spots to hook up to a red or two and some snook.. Anything helps Thanks guys Chad
  6. calcutta86

    CHALLENGE: Mirrodine red, trout & snook; takers?

    I'm in.. Went this weekend to ft Desoto and caught all three on mirrodines!! It was a heck of a day on the water!
  7. calcutta86

    Bait??? Greenbacks anywhere

    Hey guys and gals! I'm heading out this Sunday to do some red fishing at ft Desoto, tarpon key and probably mullet key.. Anyone been catching greens anywhere around there lately? I know there are plenty at the skyway but that is a bit of a boat ride for me and my boat. Any help would be appreciated
  8. calcutta86

    Fort de soto

    If you are fishing by boat or kayak mullet key bayou is always a hot spot for refs and trout.. Throwing spook jr first thing in the morning and depending on the floating grass out there If the spook doesn't work I have had a lot of luck with a mirrodine or the mirror lure soft plastics out there... If you on land anywhere out there wading is a good spot reds have a tendency to school up out there this time of year.. If you fish off beach Spanish mackerel are running like crazy out there right now throwing a gold spoon on edge of grassy areas I prefer the alligator spoons.. Hope this helps!Tight linesChad
  9. calcutta86

    Can you throw a net , like to fish

    I would gladly come be a mate anytime and throw a net for anyone who needs help.. And who wouldn't want to spend time on the water!! Lets go anytime
  10. calcutta86

    Courtney Campbell causeway

    Has anybody done any fishing at the ccc lately and done any good thinking of taking the gf there since boat is in shop.. Haven't fished there in a while and haven't heard of anything there lately... Just tryin to figure a good spot to take the ol lady fishing so she can catch her first red!!!
  11. calcutta86

    CRB HELP!!

    I'm hoping I can find the reds and some nice keeper trout.. Good luck to ya this weekend my friend.. Thanks again for the help.. Tight lines and tips up this weekend
  12. calcutta86

    CRB HELP!!

    So I have been out in the CRB the last couple of weekends and haven't had a bit of luck.. Is anybody doing any good out there right now. I have been trying to catch some reds and trout and maybe a snook or two would be nice.. Can someone please help me out here? I just can't seem to fin the fish
  13. calcutta86

    CRB HELP!!

    Yea hopefully the wind and cold doesn't mess the fishing up there this weekend.. But I greatly appreciate the help. I need to get my luck turned around this weekend
  14. calcutta86

    CRB HELP!!

    Thanks Dave I appreciate it alot... I will def plug that into my gps this weekend am let you know how I do. Hopefully a nice bull red will come find me
  15. calcutta86

    CRB HELP!!

    I have been thinking its the winter thing but then again we really haven't had a winter only a couple days here and there.. So I don't know.. I'm lost out there right now.. I have been hearing people say they are killing it out there right now.. So hopefully my luck will will change this weekend.. I thinking of trying out the big oyster bar down by port of manatee.. Anybody heard of anything good down that way..
  16. calcutta86

    CRB HELP!!

    I have been fishing crb for many years now and have always had good luck out there.. Maybe it's just me not being able to find the fish here lately.. I love fishing the mangroves on a high tide.. But Dave I use a trolling motor but cut it off probably 100 to 150 yards away from where I fish at and try to drift up to it.. I haven't tried the lady fish or pins out there lately though.. So I will have to try that technique this weekend..
  17. calcutta86

    CRB HELP!!

    I am fishing the mangroves, and flats.. Using a fluorocarbon leader 15 lb test.. Using live shrimp, top water plugs, spook jr bone color, Berkley gulp shrimp new penny color.. I can't find any white bait anywhere.. Fishing in a boat.. I have literally tried throwing every trick I know around there and have been skunked every time... I want to go again on Sunday.. Hoping someone can help me out trying to locate some fish.. Looking to fish for some reds and snook.. And if that doesn't pan out go out in the flats and try trout out again.. I have been hearing guys are killing it out there right now but I just can't seem to find the fish Dave help me out
  18. I'm heading down to cockroach bay tomorrow with my grandad and uncle who have never fished saltwater a day in there life.. being they are from Baltimore Maryland.. with that being said I haven't fished there in a few months due to work. So my question is has anyone had any luck down there lately with reds or snook even trout.. I'm planning on fishing the backwaters with them and just wondering has anybody any big reds this time of year. And if so what are you guys using live bait( greenies, shrimp, pins) or what type of artificial lures are you guys using( gulp, spoons, topwater) thanks for the help in advance! Hoping to put these northerners on some fish!
  19. calcutta86

    Hot snook fishing at the South Jetty

    Where is the south jetty located at I see and read all these post about being super hot right now I wiuld love to get in on some of the action.. is this a secret spot lol.. help a fellow fisherman out Thanks Chad
  20. calcutta86

    picnic park??

    Hey fellow anglers!! I am thinking of making a trip to picnic park on tues for the first time to do some wading... I have never fished there and want to fish it from the maps it looks like a awesome spot to fish.. anybody fished there and had some.good luck out there trying to find some new spots to try out thanks for your help guysChad
  21. calcutta86

    CRB Slam!!

    Yesterday me and a buddy of mine went out to CRB haven't been in a little while so I decided to hook up the ole Jon boat and fish all the back waters of CRB. I have never fished back therr before but because of Dave T and his advice I figured I would give it a try and boy am I glad I did.. got on the water about 745 a little later than what I wanted to but it was ok I was on the water and having a great right from the get go.. I started out the day fishing with live green back and caught a nice 17" trout with the first cast of the day.. well long story short we go trolling through the mangroves I decided I would use my spook Jr since its my favorite bait.. well I keep throwing and throwing and throwing it out with no luck had a bunch of blow ups at it but nothing would just take it then all of sudden I get busted once then twice this fish wanted this spook she hit it 5 times before finally letting me get a good hook set on her 22" snook.. then a while later a little 16" red exploded on my plug... I love CRB and I have to thank Dave T and his fishy spot maps and the article the 3 P's I read that article a bunch of times and it def paid off for me this weekend!!!!My first slam! Didn't get a pic of trout tho does it still count
  22. calcutta86

    Want to go fishing??? Give me your info...

    Email sent
  23. calcutta86

    CRB Slam!!

    Oh ok I def remember seeing you guys now! I was telling my buddy I want to buy a yak like the ones you were in
  24. calcutta86

    CRB Slam!!

    And yes we were in the 14ft tracker yesterday I am pretty sure I remember seeing u guys out there as well!! Glad to know u guys were killing the reds!
  25. calcutta86

    CRB Slam!!

    When I am working my spook Jr I will try a lot.of different techniques.. I usually use a medium to fast technique with pauses in between about the 4th or 5th twitch but u just have to find out what retrieve is working that day