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  1. Not long ago I moved my boat to Anclote Village Marina. I am interested in fishing along the mangroves and docks along the South and West side of the river. I have seen guides there with clients on windy days as it is very protected. There are no markers showing where it is okay to cross over from the main river channel. Can anyone offer advice on how to navigate and depths on that side of the river? Since there are so many houses with boats there I would think a good portion is okay for a 22ft Center Console? If someone with knowledge of that area would like to join me for some exploring and fishing that area during the week preferable, that would be perfect. Thanks in advance, Lloyd
  2. You can get an answer to your question by contacting the following: Peter H. Krulder, Park Manager Honeymoon Island Administration 1 Causeway Blvd. Dunedin, Fl. 34698 Phone 727-469-5943 FAX 727-469-5703 [email protected] Please share the information after you've received a response.
  3. The good news, is wherever TFO is sending the rods for repair, the service is still very fast. I brought the rod in last week on the 15th and received a call yesterday, 21st, that the rod is ready for pickup. So, I'm still a satisfied customer. Now if only the winds would lay day a bit and the water temp rise a bit, I might actually be able to use the repaired rod. Was out the last two days. Yesterday was a complete bust. Can't remember being skunked in a long time.
  4. So where do you take them? Or, do you do all repairs yourself?
  5. I brought in a rod for repair on Sunday and was told two weeks. No one told me they have been having an issue so I left the rod. Then I received a call yesterday letting me know the are changing rod repair suppliers as Mark was nowhere to be found (hope he is ok). It probably would have been better if I was told they were backed up in that Dept and if I had another source to use it. But for now I will give them a couple of weeks that was promised.
  6. Maybe it's just me but this is worth a chuckle:
  7. Sorry to hear your trip was a bit busted. But the adventure and anticipation was most likely still a good getaway from the grind. Local fishing hasn't been all that stellar either, but am hoping this cold front(s) will kick it up a notch. Of course the winds have been relentless so only heading out on the rare days when it calms down a bit.
  8. Took a trip to my boat and found that it is already plotted. And now I recall going there last year and early Fall. I also remember that I caught nothing on my last couple of trips there in Sept. Thanks for your replies though. Since I have your attention, does anyone have recent fishing reports at this reef? I Hope to get there as soon as the wind backs down to fishable levels. And, any tips for fishing the reef would be appreciated.
  9. The center of the Clearwater Reef according to what I find on the internet (although there are conflicting coordinates to be found) is shown as approximately: 28.01425 82.89300 This plots a point way too close to Clearwater to be correct. Does anyone have a set of numbers to share for the approximate center of the Clearwater Reef so I can enter into my Garmin 740S ? Thanks in advance.
  10. I am not familiar with them, but here's where you can read about them: http://cousinstackle.com/
  11. Fished SJS passes today and limited out on Mac's. They were hitting Greenbacks, cut Threadfins and once the cooler was full (for smoked fillets and fish spread) used light tackle and a spoon to get some real fun action. Plenty of small Jack's and Ladyfish added to the fun. Not to mention that the weather and water conditions today were Florida awesome.
  12. Here's a link to a recent post with lots of good advice for this situation: http://www.theonlinefisherman.com/forum/index.php/topic/26568-cleaning-rods-and-reel-from-saltwater/?hl=%2Bsaltwater+%2Breel
  13. Thought this is worth sharing : https://youtu.be/wFozJhRx01M
  14. I have a size 40 Okuma Baitrunner Spinning Reel with 30# Sufix832 Braid. Plan on using it mostly for nearshore mackerel and small to mid-size Kings. Will generally be freelining greenbacks or cut bait with long shank hook. Am curious to know if this reel and intended use would be best paired with a med, med heavy or heavy, in a 6'6" or 7' spinning rod. Opinions appreciated. Also interested to know why one would get the 7' over the shorter rod. Thanks.
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