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  1. Lol I'm in the Air Force, Dave, not a marine. I'm in Colorado and fly fish on my off days I just don't take many pics now. I didn't leave Florida for good either haha, I will be back eventually. Anyways, this site is wack now and the forum is dead, it will never comeback. I'm just glad it's not the Salt Life online fisherman.com.
  2. Barry that's a big elk that was chillin on the side of a mountain. There was a bunch of them around they're not scared of humans at all in the national park.
  3. Yeah there's a lot of fly shops here I'm gonna stop by one tomorrow and get setup. Also gonna check out a lake that I've heard holds monster northern pike!
  4. Yeah thanks Mike! I love it here but nothing beats Florida lol. I'm already putting money away for a hells bay when I get out of the AF
  5. Man I can't believe Neil Taylor is still relevant. Don't worry about anybody like that on TOF they will not be tolerated.
  6. What's up TOF? So I got stationed in Colorado and I've been fly fishing hard in my off time. Fishing out here in the mountains is not even close to fishing the flats lol. Almost all my trips have been skunks but I'm learning, it feels like I have never fished before and I'm just starting but it's awesome here. Last weekend I gave up on the streams and tried something I know a little about, fishing roadside ditches. I used to catch carp near my family's house in upstate New York but forgot how fun they were. I pull up to this ditch/canal on the side of the road and it's about 3ft deep and murky. I walk about a half mile down the ditch and see a massive grass carp. I throw my fly, a tiny floating fly I had just bought right on top of it. The beast looks at it for a second before gulping it up. I immediately set the hook, this thing blasted off and broke my leader in like half a second. I was pretty pumped though knowing there's fish that size here now. I work my way farther down and spook a couple more giant grass carp but didn't get any more shots at fish. I get back in my car and scope out some ponds on my phone. I find one right down the street from where I'm at and head there. It's pretty shallow but I see some activity on the water and then I see some tails! I thought I was trippin but nope there are tailing carp all over this shallow part of the pond, good sized too. Using the same floating fly I take shots at the fish but keep spooking them. It's exactly like sight fishing tailing reds back home. Finally after an hour or so of fishing them I get one to take my fly. I had to cast way ahead of it and just let the fly sit there for like 5 min until the fish made it's way to it. When the fish got near it I barely moved the fly to get the carps attention and it ate. Like I said these things are exactly like redfish and I think they fight harder than reds on fly... I release and try to get another. I guess catching that one got them fired up because I make a cast at one cruising right in front of me and get hit right away. I catch a couple more smaller fish after that before calling it a day. Really pumped I got some fish on fly here. This weekend I'm going to scout some streams in ponds in the Rockies for trout. If anyone on here has experience fly fishing out here hit me up! I think I need to get new setup because my 8wt is kinda heavy for fishing streams. Anyways here's a few cool pics of some of my trips where I gave up on the fish and went exploring lol...
  7. Wow nice one beef welcome back! So sick!
  8. Look into a used Native Ultimate or Wilderness commander. There's plenty of room in those kayaks for you to bring your kid.
  9. That's crazy the car didn't stop. Must have been stolen. You need a trailer bro!
  10. I like using the mirrolure paddle tails. They are more durable than doas. I like a reel, pause, reel, pause retrieve when using paddletails. The bite is almost always on the pause.
  11. Nice man! Pond tarpon are the pickiest fish. I've only had luck hooking them on small purple and black flies.
  12. Ron you should make a fishy spot map of this area.
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