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  1. Definitely the work of aliens
  2. Thats what i told them' date=' but they said that any sunglasses that are at that price range will help you with your eyes from the sun.[/quote']What price range?
  3. You gotta sell them on it dude. Tell them it is an investment in your eyes or some bs like that and it will work. It makes sense actually. If you spend any amount of time on the water you NEED a solid pair of lenses to protect your eyes. It's not like you can just go out and buy new eyes. Keep saving and get 580g!
  4. What is a good rod that loads fast in the $250-300 range? I tried a TFO Bvk out and really liked the feel.
  5. I do not visit CapMel.com anymore. Not because I chose to but because I was banned. Why? Some guy posted pictures of a slam his young daughter caught. About an hour later Neil Taylor deletes the pictures from the report because the fish were held ''vertical''. These fish were all less than 18'' so I highly doubt any damage was done. Plus it was a little kid who caught some fish, a good thing right? Nope, not to Neil or the other pricks that run that site. I was just voicing MY opinion and told Neil he was wrong when I was banned. I really hope I see him on the water one day so I can hold a fish vertical right in his face.However, he still knows a ton about kayak fishing and will definitely help you catch more fish in Tampa Bay. If you are just getting started kayak fishing I definitely recommend one of these classes.
  6. I saw a picture of DaveT the other day on Facebook with a MONSTER snook. Anybody else see that?
  7. He is definitely the person to go to if you have questions about kayak fishing.
  8. The snook have been going off! Yesterday evening I hit a spot during the negative low for about an hour. As soon as I paddle up I see some snook busting baits. I chuck a topwater into the activity and this 32'' absolutely destroyed it. I get a few more nice blowups after that but no hookup. It's dark now and I forgot my headlamp so I'm just blind casting into the dark when I hear water moving behind me. I turn around and it looks like there's a big school of fish so I throw my topwater at it. I didn't even get to work the spook and something hits it hard. I set the hook and get a good zzzzzzzzz but whatever it was bent my hooks out straight. Probably a big redfish. This afternoon I met up with Alex on the water. We paddled over to an area that holds big snook this time of year and it didn't disappoint. It was pretty slow until the solunar came around and it was like somebody turned on a switch. I get a red, a couple small trout, and this beast all off the same pothole38''. After that I get a few more reds, trout, and a nice flounder. We move over to an island on the way in and work it for a little. I was drifting over a deep flat just blind casting when I get a THUMP. I set the hook and it feels like I snagged a bunch of sea grass. Turns out to be an absolute beast of a trout that I get all the way to the yak and lose. Easy 28"+. All fish today I caught on a MirrOlure paddletail on a 1/16th ounce jighead.
  9. A friend and I decided to do a quick trip in the yaks after work yesterday. It was POURING rain but we went anyways since the afternoon storms don't last. Well we get to the launch and it's raining harder. We throw the yaks in anyways and start fishing because you only YOLO onceAfter about a 5 min paddle to the spot the sky opens up and it's 90 degrees again. I tell my buddy to make a cast right up into this nice pothole I spotted. As soon as he drags his lure through it's game on! I should have stayed quite and made that cast hahahaWe were going to get a measurement but my friend started talking to the snook saying he was going to "shoot him in the face with a speargun" and apparently the snook understood and slapped him in the face and flopped back into the water. *(he obliviously wasn't going to shoot it with a speargun). After that it was just a bunch of 18-20'' trout and a 25'' snook. Only fished for about 30 minutes before having to leave. I am sure we could have gotten on some more big snook if we stayed after the sun went down.The redfish are schooled up in the usual areas they are in this time of year. Here's a nice red from Ft. Desoto I got last weekend... 28-29''The fishing right now is best for me before 11am and after about 6:30 and into the night. After 11am it seems the fish stop eating and just chill till it gets a little cooler to hunt again. Paddletails on 1/16th ounce jigheads and Mirrolure mirrodines. Haven't had too much action on topwater lately besides a few trout.
  10. There is a place called Osprey Bay Kayaks on Belcher in Clearwater you could call. I think I remember somebody telling me they sell used stuff in there
  11. I think it is obvious that having a bunch of unnecessary things on your kayak does nothing to actually catch more fish. It's just more stuff. Think about it. Do you catch more fish with a table on your kayak, or without? This is a discussion. Many of us are just wondering what is the need for all this extra stuff on a kayak if it doesn't produce more fish? I can see extra rod holders, or a GPS/fish finder for fishing deep but a table? Just doesn't make sense dude, that's all. With kayaks being so small, those of us that like to fish all day in skinny water only bring what's necessary. Rods-reels, couple small tackle boxes, paddle, anchor, and a small cooler for drinks and snacks. We are all anglers and I look forward to talking to some of you 'gearists' on the water as I will likely be able to spot you from a mile away. Tightlines and see you on the water!
  12. I know exactly where you are talking about. Those things will hit live bait but cut bait always gets them there. A ladyfish or mullet head on the bottom will get picked up. I have hooked them a few times before but never even came close to landing them. I don't have anything bigger than a 4000 reel
  13. I currently work in a marine wholesale warehouse. Sucks but it definitely pays for my fishing addiction.I did swear into the U.S. Air Force a few weeks ago with a 6 year enlistment. Leaving sometime this fall. Can't wait!! Most likely getting put into the security forces/military police specialty
  14. Yeah you can stand in it if you have good balance. I used to skateboard and skimboard 24/7 which helped a lot. It's also a great yak to get you out to the good wade spots! Right now it is still up for sale so anybody interested shoot me a PM... here's some more pics
  15. Has anyone seen the woman/foot ad at the bottom? LOL, WTF is that thing??!
  16. I'll get some close up pics after work tomorrow. It has scratches from use but nothing that really matters. I've used it a lot the last few years with no problems.I found some 'action' shots with the kayak...
  17. I'm selling my Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100. It's 10 ft and is a great kayak for inshore and freshwater fishing. Light and easy to transport. Asking $350 and I'm in Clearwater
  18. I target common carp up north on fly. Inshore around here I have only got a gator trout so far. I've been trying to land my first big snook on fly lately.
  19. I think even just a few people will make a noticeable difference on the islands. Everybody who plans on going, post on here if you are in!!
  20. To those who say there are no secret spots, you are wrong. Fish do in fact have tails, that means they will swim to avoid the spot you used to catch them at because you let too many people know about it. When you put a spot on blast you are not only hurting your spot but the fishery as a whole. There are hundreds of lazy people that troll fishing forums like this one to find spots to fish. Many of times these people could care less about the regulations put in place to protect our fisheries and even worse, you are tipping off the netters as to where a concentration of fish are. I've literately watched it happen multiple times on the water after seeing reports giving exact spots. We all know that the FWC is almost useless when it comes to catching these people so why make it easier for the poachers?As for the "fishy maps", I know for a fact that they have contributed to the downfall of a couple of spots I used to catch nice fish at consistently. I certainly hope that if any new maps are made, who ever makes them gets permission from the people who showed you or wrote about them on this forum.
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