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    Beach Snook

    Nice snook man! Those beach snook are tricky
  2. codys

    Personal best trout on fly!

    Ft Desoto
  3. codys

    Personal best trout on fly!

    Yeah they would have definitely went for some cut bait. Just too tired to paddle around and try to catch bait.
  4. codys

    Where's everyone fishin at this weekend?

    I'm going for big snook later today around sunset
  5. codys

    Beach Snook on fly?

    There are snook on the beach now. Somebody got a 40'' on live bait yesterday
  6. codys

    fort de soto

    The grass flats
  7. codys


    Next time get his badge number and take out your phone and record him. Have him show you the law where it is illegal to cover your face. If not, he is harassing you and breaking the law. From what I read here it is not illegal....FLORIDA Chapter 876 Criminal Anarchy, Treason and other Crimes Against Public Order876.13 Wearing mask, hood, or other device on public property.--No person or persons shall in this state, while wearing any mask, hood, or device whereby any portion of the face is so hidden, concealed, or covered as to conceal the identity of the wearer, enter upon, or be, or appear upon or within the public property of any municipality or county of the state.876.155 Applicability; ss. 876.12-876.15.--The provisions of ss. 876.12-876.15 apply only if the person was wearing the mask, hood, or other device:(1) With the intent to deprive any person or class of persons of the equal protection of the laws or of equal privileges and immunities under the laws or for the purpose of preventing the constituted authorities of this state or any subdivision thereof from, or hindering them in, giving or securing to all persons within this state the equal protection of the laws;(2) With the intent, by force or threat of force, to injure, intimidate, or interfere with any person because of the person's exercise of any right secured by federal, state, or local law or to intimidate such person or any other person or any class of persons from exercising any right secured by federal, state, or local law;(3) With the intent to intimidate, threaten, abuse, or harass any other person; or(4) While she or he was engaged in conduct that could reasonably lead to the institution of a civil or criminal proceeding against her or him, with the intent of avoiding identification in such a proceeding.
  8. codys

    Got a nice snook Saturday

    Nice one man!
  9. codys

    trying to "Crack the code"

    I usually have luck jumping out and wading for the fish that are a little deeper. I think in the deeper water they can see farther than they can in the real skinny water.
  10. codys

    Garbage Everywhere I Launch My Kayak

    Stevensons. It's probably the most polluted creek I have seen in the bay area
  11. codys

    Garbage Everywhere I Launch My Kayak

    That sounds like the best way to do it right there. There are lots of us in all parts of the bay and by us organizing in our own local areas we can clean up the entire bay and make a big difference.
  12. codys

    Garbage Everywhere I Launch My Kayak

    If we can get some yaks together and clean up the spoil islands, that will really make a difference. There is a ton of monofiliment and braided line all over the mangroves and I always see dead birds hanging from it. The line is what causes the most damage, especially near Caladesi where all the birds live. There is also a nearby creek that is FILLED with garbage and line that could really use a clean up tooI'll volunteer to take a lot of pictures and write an article to put on the site if that is cool with the publishers.
  13. codys

    Garbage Everywhere I Launch My Kayak

    Lets definitely get this going!
  14. codys

    Still found some

    Wind sucks! Beefhill and I paddled 3 miles straight into the wind and chop today only to get to a spot with no fish. Sweet! At least on the drift back we came across a few. I spot a giant red that the wind blows me right over. We stand up in the yaks and spot some around us and I see one laid up in a pothole. I make a cast and watch the fish dart off, thought for sure I spooked it but my drag started screaming! Nice 26"We catch a couple more lower slots and spook some more good ones because the wind just made it impossible to make a good cast. Redfish are not hard to find! Look in no more than 2ft of water. There were boats all around us in slightly deeper water catching nothing. Weedless rigged paddletails and shrimp will get hit if you can get it in front of the fish without spooking them.
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  16. codys

    Hey all!

    Welcome to the forum dude!
  17. codys

    When will it stop???

    Some desert tortoise soup sounds pretty good right now
  18. codys

    From HELL to HEAVEN!!!!

    Awesome report man! Nice kings!
  19. codys

    Only A Big Jack

    Nice! They have really made a comeback since the freeze.
  20. codys

    4/22/15 Report SJS

    Nice! Things are definitely heating up!
  21. codys

    Experienced a first today

    I've seen schools of big reds off the beach near Pier 60 before. Just a red blob and whenever they came across a school of bait fish it was pure mayhem. They were moving down the beach pretty quick. I guess it's just luck to come across a school of them like that in open water.
  22. codys

    Disturbing the Peace

    Nice linesider Dave! Beast!