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  1. Nice! Thanks for the report. All this talk of mackerel has me thinking I should take my yak off the beach for some kings next week :fishing:
  2. The launch in the park is pretty nice. I've only been there on weekdays in the morning, don't know how it is during the weekend.
  3. Nice trout! Yeah the fishing is really starting to heat up in that part of the bay. Caught my biggest trout to date last October just north of there, they really stack up in some spots like ladyfish.
  4. Good looking reds, cut bait always saves the day. Nice to see a good sized jack too, I haven't caught one bigger than 10inches since 09', used to be able to catch 15 pounders every cast!
  5. Go with what ever you feel confident in! DOA Cal paddletails are my go to for reds too. I like to use spoons for reds along the edges of flats in deeper water and in the passes for bulls, most of the time the bite is when the spoon is wiggling down for me.
  6. Any body try the Field and Stream Tec Spec rods? I have the 7ft Tube/Jig rod paired with a 2500fj and it's the best all around setup I've owned. They are kinda like the Blair Wiggins rods but a little cheaper.
  7. I was out around 8am till noon. Incoming tide.Hope you get some. I've heard the reds are pretty thick out at Weedon right now, topwater should be killer over there!
  8. The reds are cruising in and out of the pass and making stops at the spoil islands along the way...... thing is there are too many sharks! Yesterday I setup on the outside of a island just inside the pass next to a deep cut along the outside of a flat as the tide was coming in. I throw a chunk of ladyfish into the zone and put it in the rod holder, about 50 seconds later the reel is singing. Thought for sure I had a bull red, turns out after a 20 min battle from the yak it's a bonnethead. Toss out another chunk and almost as soon as the bait hits the water I have another shark on. I stand up and look around while I'm fighting it and there's about 20 3-4ft blacktips and bonnetheads all over the flat. Would've been fun if I was on the beach or a dock but sharks are way to much to handle sitting in a yak with 10 pound line lol. I tie on the reliable CAL Shad and almost immediately start hooking up with reds. First two fish some undone somehow but the third one stuck, and it was a true bull red............Jetskiers came by and scared everything off the flat but I actually plan that into my trips when I fish the ICW lol. I paddled over the the SR60 bridge and anchor up under that "no fishing pier" that was built under the bridge and drop down some cut bait. Caught about a dozen short snapper but that was it, if I had my bait bucket and some live greenies it probably would've been different.Get out there!
  9. Nicely done! Catching big fish, especially sharks on the beach brings in all the chicks.
  10. Came across this forum the other day and found it to have some great information and fishing reports so I decided to make a profile and contribute!My name is Cody and I fish mostly Upper Tampa Bay, Clearwater, St Joseph Sound, and the Gulf once in a while. I am in my junior year at Pinellas County Virtual High School.I ride a tan Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 and usually have a Rays hat on, see you out there!
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