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  1. I have a pair of new Costa Del Mar Blackfins with 580g lenses. All black. $160. I'm in Pinellas County
  2. Thanks! I was using a green and white baitfish fly that Alex on the forum here tied. They would only hit that fly, I tried a white fly and a top water gurgler and they didn't even look at it.
  3. Thanks BA! All I can say is it was a slob. Easy 40"+, there were a bunch of 30" range fish around and then I saw this one sitting on the bottom, I thought it was a tarpon at first.
  4. I tried sightcasting snook on fly for the first time last week. It was just a quick before sunset trip and I wasn't expecting to catch anything. Well I paddle up to the spot and there's snook all around me! Tarpon too! I scoped out a small group of nice snook moving along and put a fly out in front and start stripping it back kinda fast. As soon as it crossed their path it got crushed!! It was freaking sick! The fish took me to the reel quick as it went for the groves... I managed to finesse it out and land it. Nice 31''! I was solo so this is the best I could do picture wise lol I got one more about the same size shortly after and some jacks. Then I see this massive snook just sitting on the bottom so of course I take a shot at it..... I lost my fly. It took me to the reel so quick I almost fell off my kayak when it hit the drag! I was humbled after that and just chilled out watching the snook move around for a little before heading in.
  5. Yeah I agree there needs to be more NMZs.
  6. I use a TFO Bvk 8wt with a W&M Sabalos reel.
  7. Spent a day fishing with Alex and Phil recently trying to get some fish on fly. We all saw tons of fish, big snook, bull reds, gator trout, and even big tarpon on the flats but it was very hard to get these fish to eat a fly. Any shot we had was to literally sneak up on them without making any noise, I coughed and spooked a redfish I was trying to get so you have to be stealthy! I managed two redfish. The first one was on the outside of a mullet school. I put the fly out in front of it and slowly dragged it back and it got crushed! First red on fly for me Later on in the day we really started seeing redfish. I was poling along and saw a redfish with it's face in the grass not even a rod length away. I was basically right on top of it. I quietly placed the fly right in front of the fish and dragged it back towards me and again it got crushed! I was using a small crab fly Phil tied. I'll post a pic if anyone is interested. You really don't need to work these crab flies much to get a fish to eat, just drag and stop near the fish and it should get bit.
  8. I've seen large barracuda destroying mullet schools on the flats before. In Tampa Bay
  9. That looks like a small longnose gar. It has a longer and thinner snout than the alligator or spotted gar.
  10. Ron (Arti-6) is selling a perfect setup for just starting out. I have the same setup and I caught quite a few good fish with it before upgrading. http://www.theonlinefisherman.com/forum/26-classifieds-fishing-gear/48281-redington-path-fly-rod-combo-for-sale/unread
  11. Alex, that baitfish fly you gave me is the only fly I have thrown lately. It's killer! I've caught reds, trout, snook, and small grouper on it so far.
  12. Nice! That's a good tip about the thunderstorms nearby.
  13. Yeah fishing has sucked lately. I jumped out of the kayak this weekend to try wading and cool off because it was so hot and it seemed like it got worse! If I were a fish there would be no way I would be hanging around in 90 degree water
  14. I've seen a lot of dead jellyfish and some dead stingrays and crabs in the ICW.
  15. I'm going to get a Wasp cam soon. It comes with a wrist watch with a screen so you can see what your picture looks like unlike a GoPro.
  16. I've heard Switzerland has the best free market health care system in the world.
  17. Welcome to the site, Massimo! It only costs a Florida resident about $17 for a year long fishing license and most of that goes right back into our fisheries.
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