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  1. Yes, somebody get him on some big snook! I tried to get him on one last night from the beach but the tide was way out and there were like 15 people at the spot.
  2. If we get a set date and time whoever is in charge of the TOF Facebook page should post an event. That way we can share it and get more people involved. I'm free every weekend so I will be there! I'll make sure to take lots of pics
  3. Well I haven't threatened to kill any federal agents so I think I'm good. He definitely did something to get their attention. I know people who have more guns than that and they don't have the feds after them? Maybe Alex Jones can figure this one out.http://www.wtsp.com/story/news/local/hillsboroughcounty/2014/06/22/doomsday-prepper-martin-winters-prayer-vigil/11230225/''Winter's daughters say the reason he bolted from the FBI was to protect his two teenage grandchildren, who were in his pickup truck with him.''So to protect them he runs away? Not feeling sorry for this guy.
  4. Yeah if I'm fishing for mackerel. Easier to bring them to you instead of paddling around chasing the schools. I only use 20# leader to tie it to my yak so if a shark does grab it, it breaks off easy
  5. One day I was fishing in a pass with a small chumbag hanging off the side of my kayak. I had a ton of small sharks and spanish mackerel around me. Then out of nowhere comes this massive hammerhead, probably 13-14 ft and it's swimming straight at my kayak. It grabs the chumbag and with a turn of it's head the line snapped. If I would had rope or something stronger tied on to it the shark would have easily flipped my kayak.
  6. Wow! Any pics? That has to be one of the biggest reds in the bay
  7. Yeah that is a menhaden. Definitely on the small side though.
  8. It must be a hobby or these people actually WANT some sort of doomsday scenario to happen. Seems like most of them are like this guy who can't even survive a couple days in the woods.
  9. Test out both and see what you like. The SUPs are cool for skinny water, sight fishing but that's about it. I'd go with a kayak that you can stand in easily, they are in the same price range as a fishing paddleboard.
  10. Solid red bro! Bummer losing the one on fly but at least you got one to eat!
  11. I would have probably snagged it with a topwater and dragged it into the water. If people wanna be jerks with their drones I can be one right back.
  12. codys

    W&M Sabalos?

    Cool, I'm going to pick one up later today. Thanks for the replies!!
  13. Anyone on here have one? Good reel? I have borrowed a friends to use for a weekend and it felt like a good reel but I'm wondering how they hold up over time. I'm looking to get a 2500
  14. There is one that lurks the kayak launches in UTB now. Look out gill netters because he's in a vehicle you would never guess to be FWC, he drove up on me as I was loading my kayak and I thought I was about to get robbed lol
  15. Nice snook man! Those beach snook are tricky
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