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  1. Southern Fresh in downtown Safty Harbor has blackend redfish on their menu - only problem is I can never get past their fried chicken to give it a try... some day...
  2. In Tampa - There's one on the median at the Sheldon and Waters intersection.
  3. I know its been a while since the original post, but did you sell the OK?
  4. If I could tell you 'exactly where I lost it', it wouldn't be lost...
  5. I thought I saw a post on TOF Forums about being able to display contour / depth lines on Google Earth. After searching olds posts I didn't come up with anything. Does anyone know if its possible or if overlay maps are available? I also checked GE Pro (now that its free ) but didn’t see anything… Thanks!
  6. Thanks! I looked at the website but didn't see anything - I appreciate the help! I'll confirm tomorrow and hopefully post a decent fishing report!
  7. Does anyone know if there is a gate that blocks access to the kayak launch in Weedon Island Preserve? This would be the ramp just past the Cultural Center in the preserve. If there is a gate - any idea what time it opens? I was going to call them today, but just got busy. Want to head out EARLY tomorrow providing I can get in... Thanks for your help!
  8. Mobile layout is nice! However with the change over I lost all of my pm's and content
  9. That's a good bet! I drive over that every morning and when the tide is right, 2-3 boats fishing it...
  10. When you're using cut lady fish near the oyster beds or mangroves, do you normally use a float or free line it? - Or try both to see which produces better...??
  11. Great video - awesome fish! I was out at FD on Sunday... The water looked nothing like it did in you video... the wind was whipping from the SSW. However I did manage several smaller trout, a flounder a bunch of lady fish. Nothing compared to your fine catches - Great Job! :thumbsup:
  12. lkuba

    Junk Reels

    Jennifer,I should be heading down to Lake Placid around the 17/18... Will you be able to meet around the Bradenton area to pick up the box of reels?I sent you a PM with more details...
  13. Wow! I'm impressed... You stand on a cooler in your kayak... I'd definitely be swimming!
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