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  1. Went wading early Sat morn, upper 40's strong NE wind, seemed crazy. With the neg tide and wind, a second shore was created, while walking out saw a small pushing of fish hugging the shallow line, threw DOA nite glow shrimp, hooked one then pulled out. Saw another, positioned myself better, hooked another, this one stuck, was 29" or so. Then saw two more small schools coming landed another, 30" or so, this one had more fight in it. Ended up catching trout later on. It was pretty cool have these school of reds pushing right thru me in less than knees deep. I don't get to really experience this too often. Trout bite has been good for me this fall/winter where I go.
  2. Try Cypress Point for wading or fish off the rocks anywhere along CCC.
  3. Bite has slowed down for the bridges downtown, did get broke off a couple of times. Snook seem to be more picky leaving the river than coming for the winter. Hanboy and I went wading right after the rain stopped from cold front last week. Although it was at the bottom of the low tide it was still much higher from the rain but the clarity was fairly good. He caught a near slot snook while walking out like on his second or third cast. After 30 minutes of top water, switched to a 4" DOA paddletail, there seemed to be bait getting chased but no blow ups. Kept throwing where I saw the chasing, in about 5 minutes, hard pull, big swirl in front of me, and of to the races. She ran me 40-50yrds on a fairly tight drag, then she ran right back at me while trying to keep the line tight. Right after gripping her, hooked pop out. Ended up being 37". Actually was prepared with a 50lb leader but was barely scuffed, go figure.
  4. Snook bite has slowed a little in the river and still plagued by jacks, although I took my youngest daughter out and she got to try to reel in a 20" jack. I have hooked/missed some much bigger snook but didn't go my way. On Thurs morn before work landed 3 snook up to 25" using xrap. On Fri morn switched to 4" paddle tail after a few hits and a 20" snook, finally got a 28" snook. Went back out Sat morn with DOA baitbuster, had a few misses in open water, threw in deeper water next to structure where the current is causing a swirl, then thump. large snook 35+". I had to climb to the bowels of the river to get her. Pic is just a silhouette me holding the snook with phone sitting on a tire next to a drain. I was ready for a real river monster to come out. Went wading on flats after that, caught a 20+" in snook on skitterwalk along mangroves, a 16" trout on paddle tail with other misses, also had a blowup that knocked my switterwalk 3-4 feet out of the water. Also last week caught a 27" red on skitterwalk while wading, love topwater red blowups. 1st pic 28",35+", red, last pic head of near 40" snook I had controlled but hook pulled while trying to get up seawall
  5. For the past week and half snook bit has be decent in the river downtown. Best times still seem to during the fronts moving in right before rain, in the rain or after the rain while pressure is still low and on outgoing tide. Snook have been ranging 16-28", but most are 18-20", although I have mange to land more lately in the 22-24" range. Xrap 10 has still been my goto lure, caught some with 4" doa paddle tail and the larger snook have been caught on a Rapala Sliver when tide has been a higher. Sometimes have been finding large ladyfish up to 24" mix with smaller snook and also got a 18" trout mixed with snook too. Oh yeah big gar too, thought big snook when I saw the back until the beak came up. Most of the snook seem to fat and fight hard, not seeing the typical wimpy skinny winter snook. First pic, 24", then 28" from last Monday, and 27" which was last night.
  6. Thanks, I actually relish these conditions with the pressure falling and outgoing tide, for the type of fishing I'm doing. I had to work for that 29" snook, I must of put the lure in same spot 5 or 6 times and I already caught a couple of smaller snook. I just kept changing angles and action. It's like you have to put it on their nose sometimes, but that's winter fishing.
  7. Did the weekend early morning downtown fishing also in the rain. Was able to land 15 or so snook ranging 16"-20". Was able to landed a fat 29" snook and also had a miss from a monster snook. With the strong winds fish still mostly hanging on the south side of structures. Caught most on xraps. Watching some hit, they did not seem to be as aggressive when going after lure like they were couple of weeks ago. Also went wading Sat morn, landed 9 trout, 2 were 17" the others 13-14", no flounder . Found all the trout in deeper grassy hole.
  8. Started super early this morning downtown, between the passing showers and gusty winds it did not look very promising until I figured out where the snook were haunting. Although the WSW winds held the water in (maybe a good thing) tide was still ripping out. My first stop, snook seemed to holding along the deeper columns away from any structure and out of the wind. Landed a few ranging from 16-24" with a lot of hits. Next stop the was about the same, switched from a hard lure to a 4" DOA paddletail with same result. Went to a third spot first cast 27" snook, then soon lost a slot snook, leader break, also landed a 20". Went back to an early spot landed some more largest 24". Total count anround 20, had a couple of good size snook miss, I was watched some of these snook swipe after the lure like ladyfish. Definitely the most productive day of snook I've had.
  9. Thanks BTW, raining again, had to go out
  10. Not seeing to many posts so I'll put something out. Seems early morn rain in the winter is usually a good recipe for around the bridges. First cast this morn got a 20" snook, was able to land 2 more slightly bigger with two other hits and a chase in a 20 minute outing, also got soaked. These are this sizes I'm seeing (sometimes catching) the most, but numbers are down, warmer weather not pushing a lot of them up the river. Did landed a 28" snook at around another bridge during the new year front in the misty rain. Wading on the flats has been slow for me when I do get out and ladyfish still seem to abundant on the deeper ledge. Did mange a small slam a couple of weekends ago. Warmer waters has been odd, targeting and catching some snook on top water where they would normally be in the summer makes fishing interesting, biggest was a 26" at a pass. Still able to find a flounder here and there.
  11. Like the Shadow said Eat more Flounder. Now waiting for silver trout to roll in. Although flounder bit is on, still have commit and work for it. From what I've seen, flounder was better on the lower out going and trout better on the lower incoming.
  12. I haven't posted in a while, not much worth posting. Had last week off was able to fishing most morns, pre/post cold front with neg tides is a great formula. Waded my most commons spots in UTB. Best trout day was before cold front landed 18 most at slot with a couple up to 16" also landed and lost a flounder. Next couple of days tried other spots caught a few more trout with a caught/lost flounder here or there. On Wed once the water got cooler, found the flounder. Landed 5 12-14" with more the came off. On Sat morn went out with Campdc from forum, we landed 12 12-17" with some that came off only kept 4. For lures, went back to basics, used DOA Nite glow shrimp on a 3/8 oz mission jig head. Some were caught on a DOA new penny paddle tail and without tail. Campdc caught with Zman shrimp. Not sure what other people have been seeing but there is still a ton of fry bait all over and small schools of large ladyfish and sometimes large jack are pushing them in the shallow flats. Sometimes hard to avoid when wading The jacks kicked my ass. Also have been catching some snook here or there downtown, haven't really seen them push up with the warm weather. I did get my only slot snook earlier in the month after a big rain. On the same day got my PB jack 26+" on off one of the bridges, got a few line cuts in my hand pulling it up. That snook had nothing on that jack for pulling. Here are some pics
  13. Nice Tarpon, about how long is it taking you to bring them in on the light tackle.
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