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  1. today I kayaked into one of my favorite snook spots at the Davis island coast guard station I got there and a noticed a snook just floating there so I went closer and saw it had and arrow trough it head and the arrow was snaps. something needs to be done about this because who knows how many they got
  2. I kayaked into a small cove on Davis island to get away from rain this weekend and I went under a coast guard dock as soon as I pulled in massive snook were just sitting there I tried live bait and gold spoons but couldn't get one to bite, any suggestions on how to catch these stubborn fish
  3. live greenbacks are easy to get if u have a boat but how do you get them when you have a kayak
  4. I live in new tampa so pretty much any where in the bay
  5. I just picked up a new accend fs12t and I'm going to take it out this weekend I've fished gandy before but don't know a lot of good spots for kayaks to catch reds and snook
  6. I've learned that using chum makes it easier to catch bait in a cast net but it can also get kind of expensive is their a good way too make your own green back bait?
  7. tarpon1999


    Today I was fishing Davis island with some freinds off the sea wall for snook and a cop pulls up as we were fishing with are bimini bay buffs on over our faces and he wales up and tells us rudely how it's against the law to cover your face in any way is this true
  8. I need to know how to fix the spring in the bail on my quantim optix ASAP
  9. does your buddy have a website
  10. I have an Ascend FS128T Sit-On-Top Angler Kayak and looking for a trolling motor or it looking to spend at most $500 on one any suggestions?
  11. looking to buy new inshore reels and rods I currently have quantnim optix any suggestions
  12. ive always fried my fish with some old bay seasoning but want too try somthing else, any sugestions
  13. i was out at eg simmons kayak fishing over by dickmans island (the big mansion there) and i was told there was alot of big shark around is that true ?
  14. ive been looking for a fishing kayak but all ive seen have been really expensive or really bad quality. any suggestions on where to find one
  15. davis island is a good spot for reds and trout. their is an airport on davis island and on the side of it are two small boat docks with a bunch of small boats on the left dock walk about half way and cast straight out facing the beach withe small hooks and shrimp and you should catch a variety of fish
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