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  1. richardguardado

    1of our own injured need prayers

    Praying for quick uncomplicated recovery.
  2. richardguardado

    dropping in to say hey guys!

    Awesome God indeed!!!
  3. richardguardado

    Flys what are you all talking about

    What type flys are they talking about for saltwater use.. Are they for flyrods or spinners and baitcaster also pics. would help.... Thanks
  4. richardguardado


  5. richardguardado

    Rick Zephyrhills 66yrs old

    Interesting I am from Princeton bout 30 miles north in Gibson County... Nice places to grow up...
  6. richardguardado

    Cast net

    It is a 3/16 mesh 12 ft. Fisher Micro-minnow Bait Buster excellent no holes/rip and no repairs. $140. OBO Rick Zephyrhills home phone
  7. richardguardado

    Rick Zephyrhills 66yrs old

    I wish Eville wouldn't be Evansville would it?
  8. richardguardado

    Rick Zephyrhills 66yrs old

    Enjoy fishing/hunting/golf maybe not in that order. Hunt pigs mostly. Fish Skyway and flats fishing,and ship channel. Guess Spanish one of favorites and shallow grouper,cobia. Red and snook on the list but have not hooked up yet but working on it..