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  1. tesilential

    Big Money Rods.....

    They definitely did. It's a powerful casting and accurate rod, punches right through wind. However when you get a fish with weight on, it feels more like a 7wt (maybe even a stronger 6wt) in power. Landing a bigger slot red takes a little patience in my experience. Once you get them 10 feet or so out it's hard to really manipulate them in without losing confidence in the rods backbone. My 8wt bvk broke like the 4th day I used it, but the replacement has been doing great for 9 months.
  2. tesilential

    Big Money Rods.....

    Phil, this is all in good fun, don't take any of this personally! What's the difference in blanks? Weight? Action? Taper? Those are all things that vary based on model, not price. enough price you can minimize compromise on any one area. A $800 slow action rod is not going to do you any favors on a windy flat where you'll probably be OK with a fast action BVK. And what exactly do you mean by "technology?" Quality of components is way better, I acknowledged that. The cork is WAY better. The reel seats are much nicer. The guides are better. An often cited and reviewed comparison between many rods at all levels. Take a look around: http://www.yellowstoneangler.com/gear-review/2014-8-weight-shootout-g-loomis-nrx-orvis-h2-sage-method-sage-one-tfo-bvk-scott-s4s-beulah-opal-best-saltwater-fly-rod-fly-rod-comparison You are a salesperson's wet dream. The same reason why their are $600 vises out there even though a PEAK vise (or similar) is really all you need.
  3. tesilential

    Big Money Rods.....

    The price tag on a rod will generally indicate nothing more than it's relative build quality. There are $800 rods that cast like crap on our windy flats and there are $200 rods that cast superbly in the same conditions. The difference is the attention to detail. A $300 rod can and should have the same level of quality blank of a super high end rod. Any high end rod of $400 or better is going to have WAY better cork than any TFO rod. It will probably also have nicer and lighter guides and better epoxy and thread jobs. However the cork is actually the most significant difference. Good cork is like $12 an inch, and high end fly rods use the finest. Source: I have a TFO BVK 8wt and my roommate has a Sage (flight?) 8wt. Both of us prefer the BVK for any fly fishing we would do with an 8wt, but the difference in finish is plain as day. My BVK developed gaps and missing chunks in the cork after just a few months of use while his 3 year old sage has a cork that looks almost fake it's so perfect. No hole or damage bigger than a pinhead. You'd be surprised. My BVK weighs 3.2 ounces. Almost an ounce less than my roommate's Sage.
  4. tesilential

    Mullet Flies

    You know I have been trending towards smaller hooks lately, I'm going to tie a minnow with a heavier hook right now to see it helps. As I said above it's probably me working the fly wrong and not having any confidence in it's ability to get me fish. Do you all have a preferred epoxy for the eyes? I have some 5 min mix but I think I'm going to grab the UV stuff soon.
  5. tesilential

    Mullet Flies

    I almost always wade, so max depth is maybe 4 feet with most of my time being spent fishing between 1.5-2.5 feet of water. Quite possibly I am just giving these type of flies the wrong action. When you say steady retrieve are you just stripping it in a manner where it does not change it's position vertically very much? Like I said my limited success on the fly has been experienced with flies that basically drop a 6 inches to a foot between strips, almost like jigging with spinning gear. Any type of steady retrieve with weightless flies has been ignored and I imagine it's because the fly looks like a random piece of trash gliding along lifelessly lol.
  6. tesilential

    Mullet Flies

    Guys those flies look sweet and all, but I just can't picture them actually sinking more than a couple inches when fished. I haven't ever used Fox brush, but I've tied very similar looking mullet/baitfish imitations using EP fiber, congo hair, even craft fur, and even when I tie them really sparse, like 1/4 the fibers in the flies pictured in this thread, the flies lay on the surface and take a while just to sink a couple inches and be fishable. Honestly I've never even had a hit on a fly that did not utilize lead eyes of some sort to get the fly down at least a foot and allow it to have some action on the strip. I promise I love tying cool looking baitfish flies, but all my darn fish have come on a bonefish slider or a chartreuse/white clouser, both with giant lead eyes. Also tomorrow starts 2.5 weeks of vacation and I'm going to be fly fishing all over the bay instead of the usual Cypress park. Maybe hit Anclote on the fly early friday morning if anyone is down.
  7. tesilential

    Line Capacity on 3000 Shimano Stradic FJ

    I do 20-25 reel cranks of 20lb test backing (berkley vanish fluoro line, gotta use it for something) and then throw on 150 yards of 15lb. It fills perfectly to edge when the spool lip begins. Casts are glorious . I once had TFO put 15 lb power pro on it with no backing and it ended up at 188 yards if I remember correctly. Nice reel, I use it much more than my 4000 fj.
  8. tesilential

    New to Tampa

    If I could only thrown one topwater for the rest of my life it would be a Zara Spook Jr. bone color.Badonkadonk would be second place, they're pretty great actually. As for the rest, I probably won't replace the ones I already have. Skitterwalks-way too heavy (I think I had the 4"), they sit too low in the water and require much more effort to get action. Mirrorlure top pup-- casts nice but it's action is too intense, I get my leader wrapped around the hook more often than not.My one tip for people fishing from a pier or dock: Wade. Much more fun as well. Now I get extremely bored fishing a pier or bridge for more than 30 minutes unless it's just going off. The only time I don't wade is at the canals.
  9. tesilential

    The tarpon are in, pictures from a friend

    He was probably keenly aware of your presence. I've tossed to them at close range in the canals and had them pretty much ignore my offerings. It wasn't until I went to Puerto Rico and hand fed them sardines that I realized how GOOD their vision really is. Dozens of Tarpon were coming from 30-40 yards out when I tossed just a couple sardines. It was the opposite of spooking fish on the flats, they were hauling ass towards me Now if only the many HUGE snook and reds we spooked tonight did the same lol.
  10. tesilential

    New D.O.A Lures

    :thumbsup: :thumbsup: This is excellent news, now make the tail a little bigger for more action at slower retrieves, like the Slayer paddle tails. I use the current CALs since the 50 packs are so cheap, but if cost were the same I'd be using the 3.75" slayer paddle tails.
  11. tesilential

    picking a fishing pole

    A good bait caster is sick, but IMO our conditions are too diverse and rough to choose one over a good spinning reel. I constantly cast into the wind, maybe more often than not, I skip baits a lot under mangroves (never pitch under docks), we throw really light lures into heavy wind under mangroves. You are fighting yourself with a bait caster on the gulf coast. Nothing is absolute though and I'm sure there's some guys (Sideshow) throwing a bait caster and out fishing us all.
  12. tesilential

    Red Problems: what am I doing wrong?!

    I started seriously fishing exactly 2 years ago. I didn't catch a red until October or something despite having caught overslot snook. The easiest way to get reds is shrimp under a popping cork. Just toss it and pop it ever 10-30 seconds.Nowadays I just throw DOA cal shads and can catch any fish out there on them. Reds will eat almost anything as long as they see it and it's moving AWAY from them. I can't how many reds I've spooked by bringing a lure or bait towards them. Reds are not that spooky, I've almost stepped on dozens and had to make 4 foot casts numerous times. Just wade and keep your eyes peeled for any long object, when you find one, watch it for a second and see if it has any movement.And don't believe everything you read online. It's commonly said that winter time lows are the best times to find shallow redfish, but I've NEVER seen a tailing red in the winter. On the other hand almost every single time I fish a low tide in the summer I see numerous tailing reds. I might go to cypress tonight around sunset for the low. I can almost guarantee you there will be reds tailing there. I caught 4 tailing reds there 2 weeks ago during the afternoon low tides. I casted at probably 20 more but the high grass prevented them from finding my offering.
  13. tesilential

    st croix mojo inshore series- any reviews?

    Nope. It is easier for someone to pick up a moderate action rod and cast far because it is very easily to load the weaker rod. With a fast action rod your timing has to be a lot better to load it properly since the rod doesn't bend much, but when you do load it, they have much more power for distance casting. Especially when throwing into the wind. A slow or moderate rod will flop around in a strong wind, especially when throwing light lures. My fast action MH rated for 3/8-1oz can throw a 1/16th jig with a cal shad straight into the wind further than most cast on a calm day.