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  1. Hey everyone, Cyrus here. Hope all of you have been well, I've been back in Florida for some time now I have been tearing up some fish on kayaks, and some friends boats. So I have really been thinking about small business ideas and I know there are currently some tackle box monthly subscriptions out there but I have been thinking about doing a twist off some of those and creating my own. Christian Brothers Tackle Box will be a primarily Inshore Salt Water fishing box that will be shipped out once a month. What it will come with : Monthly Devotional (Hence the Christian Brothers ) , a new Testimony every month and a fishing magazine. Now the main reason I posted this on here was to get some local feed back on what you would like to see in the tackle box, gear related? Buffs, Hats, Softbaits, lures, hooks, line, etc etc... please give me some solid feedback due to the fact im starting this in the next few months. If anyone has any ideas or input please let me know as im still in the planning stages of all of this, just looking for some solid feedback. Name is trademarked and ready to go!
  2. Barry; would be happy to fish sometime and grab some drinks partner! How's life treating you?
  3. When is it usually good? Just moved back Home to fl late this past year, and just now able to get back Into fishing. Is wade fishing good this time of year? I used to to johns pass this time of year and slay trout right under the pass is it still the same?
  4. Any recommendations on fishing clubs??
  5. Anyone going out this coming up Monday-Thursday? And have room for one? I'll buy lunch
  6. Being gone for 3 years, I was wondering if and when hubbards did off shore trips? I've been on one. Was deff wanting to go on another! Anyone have any information, or if someone could take me out to hook up with some inshore snook/redfish I'll pay for lunch.
  7. Anyone going fishing today or tomorrow? And don't mind if I tag along?
  8. well that would deffinatley be nice! haha was looking at place over near ruskin near cockroach bay.
  9. Moving back to florida by june of next year! can't wait guys time fly's! can't wait to fish with a lot of you guys..p.s anyone a realtor, or know of some non expensive nice housing / apartments? i'm going to start looking in december. need some good neighborhoods that are pretty cheap $900-1200
  10. some more great news is ill be back in brandon / ruskin area sometime next summer around august of 2015!
  11. Whats up guys, I finally got a decent kayak. A wilderness system Commander, 14 ft the thing is a BEAST i can stand and fish all day, which is cool because im 6'0 and 245. Also I got a new job! i think god was deff looking out for me on this one, i'm a butcher now at a local supermarket up here. the awesome thing is, my boss is a HUGE fisherman / hunter and we've been going out on his boat alot lately doing striper bass fishing up here in the rivers it's awesome because ill get my 40 hour week but well leave work early friday and go fishing!! haha he's a cool guy, and im getting trained how to cut meat, and my $$ will go up! but anyways hope you guys are doing good, ill wright a report or two when i get my phone working again to get some pictures!
  12. yeah freaky, i should be coming to florida sometime before july, we should get together and do some fishing! TOF should have another BBQ somewhere i would definitely come down for that!
  13. Just want to say hey to everyone and let you guys know im doing good up here in South Carolina. About to get my hands on a native 12, for $400 bucks got a really good deal from a girls dad I know. Might just keep the girl! haha. Its officially been a year as of May 8th that my dad passed away for those of you who know my situation. time flys man but i know hes looking down on me because i also have some amazing news, most of you dont know but my step sister was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer and didnt have long to live. well ever since my dad passed away he's been looking out for her big time, she went from a 4 to a 0!!! she is now cancer free in a matter of a year.. what a awesome god we serve. I just wanna drop in and give you guys a bit of a update as to whats been up with me, I been hitting some ponds and stuff around the charleston area but as soon as i get this kayak ill be sending some reports to you folks! Stay blessed guys!Tight Lines!Cyrus D
  14. i am a big tuna myself! haha just kidding but in all seriousness, i have only flipped one kayak! and it wasn't my fault... that kayak was a disaster waiting to happen and well it happened, right in middle of a boat channel by the skyway bridge on the south rest stop and i had to walk it back with stingrays and jelly fish all around me! i'll always remember that.
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