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  1. 9.5lb Snappa...hell yeah! Thanks for yet another outstanding report, Bob.
  2. No worries, I'm also in the upside down club. No patch though...lol
  3. This happened to me this past Sat, Andy.
  4. D, there is only one why I know how to get them on GE. That would be to transfer them from a topo map onto your GE using placemarks with the associated numbers for each marker. Kind of a pain, but would be good for an area you fish often for reference points.
  5. The student will soon become the teacher and take Ty under her wing. After which taking on a much larger class by teaching NCLA members. Yes folks, it does come full circle....see what what happened there, I know, a bit cheesy but more than likely becoming reality. Bring your homework with you as I'll be at Yankeetown also (thank you for the invite). When you feel comfortable and are happy with your throw results I'll teach you how to chuck it fast and low. This will certainly put some hurt on your upper body till you build muscle memory. Not trying to hurt you, just help you.....in this, with pain there is gain lol FYI, we have a front coming in.....should be here Sunday bringing high winds.
  6. Sorry, Jonathan, no instagram here or would help. My explanation as to why I'm not an instagram member. Am sure those that do see me have already had their fill and looking at me in a picture may be more then they can stand. Also sure they don't really give a crap what I'm doing at the moment unless it's directly affecting them. Aside from that, I also have no need to maybe gain monetary value or otherwise from any pictures I've taken. If that were the case I'd have a different career as a photographer. Have you seen my photos? they make good kindling. Didn't mean to hijack your thread, just having a little fun. At my own expense mind you, was not in any way directed towards you. Good luck
  7. Am sure you know this, D, but maybe need to hear it. There is no need to hold or lift the net any higher then what is comfortable for you (unless going for quick distance). It's all in the technique that you will have mastered in no time. If the weight feels a bit much, twist your upper body to help with the momentum. Have an idea if you'd like, get Ty to film you so you can see what is going on and make the necessary changes. Just remember, the gathered weights keep slightly higher than the others and hold that release line just a second after your toss. With a larger net the release will be a bit longer allowing the front part to get some distance from you before letting go completely. Am no pro but if ever you have questions, I'll do my best to help. Now it's your turn to get the bait because the fishes are hungry :-)
  8. Your welcome, D We all know that every fishing trip comes with it's own little adventure, and this one was no exception. The process towards the goal is all part of the game, I enjoyed it. Thank you for the opportunity and the willingness to learn. You did good with the net, with just a little tweaking your bait wells will be full in no time, I have no doubt. The Key thing was funny in the end, am sure you were stressing though did not reveal it remaining calm on the outside, shows character. Just seen the ST. Paul thing....funny Gal...lol PS: I'd fish with you anytime!
  9. Roger There is a forum or something, can't remember the name ( maybe someone on here will ) that people post where they are going to launch. It's basically like a hook up so you don't fish alone. There is one on this site but really is not active and would not be in your area. Try contacting Joe Hector from EKFT Pam and I ran into a group like this that were launching from Second Street in Pompano. Dania Beach is also a popular place people launch from to get offshore. As she, Pam, stated...best to go with another person when yaking offshore for safety reasons. Not saying it can not be done but is much safer. Be mindful of the boat traffic, and always fly that safety flag. Paul
  10. Not really strange, have got a few of these guy's over the last couple weeks. This one was from last Saturday. Guess the biggest surprise would be earlier this year did pull up some white bait while looking for mud minnows in a very small creek. Richie and I were both very surprised at that. See you Saturday PS: Nice Snook from Sunday
  11. Know exactly where you caught them,can tell from the wave brake's in the background. Nice work !
  12. When your ready let me know, I'll share some spots.
  13. Congrats, D !! WTG Thought you guy's would have fished the new flat. Thought I see your truck but wasn't sure, did you guy's use the trailer? Can't remember if one was attached to the white truck I seen. If you guy's have a cast net I'll share a live bait spot, much better then feeding the pin's your shrimp. FYI, the puffers own the oyster bars as of late so bring lot's of soft plastics.
  14. Nice mess of good eat's, Andy. Looks like a troutline, been many a year seeing this done.
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