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  1. It's not in N. Pinellas. but I recently used the Lee Fisher place right next to Tampa Fishing Outfitters. They did a good job, and did the repair rather quickly. I had my net back in just a few days.
  2. Yeah the same thing happened to me, luckily I had the valve in place to shut it off. Took us a while to figure out what the heck was causing it though.
  3. I looked, and I believe it is the second exit that has the loop under to the north bound lanes. It's about 2 minutes past the toll plaza. I circled it in a very rudimentary manner below.
  4. After the SB toll plaza, there is an exit on the right hand side. You can get off there and loop back to the NB lanes. I live to the north and have to do that every time to get there.
  5. I would try the pot holes on the east side of the northbound lanes (by the southbound toll plaza). You can pull off and park right there. If it is low tide and incoming, there's a good chance the pot holes are holding fish. I tried to circle it on a map image, I hope the pic is OK.
  6. I use Corrosion-X. You can get it at most tackle shops. I would break the reel down as far as you feel comfortable, and be pretty liberal with it. It's great for routine maintenance as well.
  7. Got the net back on Friday. Cost was $40 for 4-5 holes (there were more than I realized). Beats buying a new net. I haven't thrown it yet, but the repairs look pretty good.
  8. So I dropped it off at the Lee Fisher place next to TFO. Really nice people in there, and the prices for repairs are very reasonable. The guy in there was also telling me that they are affiliated with both of the TFOs. He had awesome news for me, which is they are opening a SPFO on 34th St in St. Pete! Can't wait for that one.
  9. Not sure what area you are in, but if you are in St. Pete, I second that on Mastry's. I also bought some at 4th St. Bait and Tackle on Sunday: 727-822-8326
  10. Thank you. I will give him a call. I also stopped by Tampa Fishing Outfitters at lunch, and there is apparently a guy a couple doors down from there that repairs nets as well.
  11. Does anyone know of a place where I can get a cast net repaired in Tampa Bay? I put a couple small holes in my brand new Humpback yesterday, and have no idea how to mend it. I threw on a marker, and my inexperienced wheel man proceeded to take the boat around the other side of it getting me caught on a piling. The net survived remarkably well, but there are 2-3 palm sized tears in it. I'm really hoping to save the net for maybe a second or third use
  12. I found some this morning at the one in Pinellas Park. Also had some top dogs at the same price. I left with 4 lures for $12...not bad.
  13. I just happened into the Boater's Republic store on 4th St. in St. Pete. It's small, but has a decent selection (including Monster 3x). The guy there told me that they are expanding into a much larger building in March, and it is right up the street from me. Looking forward to that.
  14. I work by Betts, and they are excellent. Huge selection, and friendly staff. I buy most of my stuff there. I also love Tarpon/Tampa Fishing Outfitters. Unfortunately, they aren't close to me, so I can only stop in when I happen to be in the area. They really are great, though. I live in St. Pete, and we don't really have a good one, unfortunately (Mastry's is OK, I guess). Time for a St. Pete Fishing Outfitters! Maybe not, I'd be broke!
  15. More time on the water fishing with my children Less time at work I second the power pole, and let's throw in a trolling motor while we're at it.
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