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  1. Good to know... Thanks again! I have an old Lowrance now (at least 10 yrs old), guess I will see if it is able to connect. Age may be a factor
  2. I can't tell you how much this input has helped... I greatly appreciate it and have already started shopping for the Xi5. Just got the wife's blessing too! I feel like a kid at Christmas...
  3. Mark / Southshore, is it a must to have a Lowrance or other GPS device for the trolling motor to connect to in order for the spot lock and route retrace to work?.... or is it an added feature, if you so choose?
  4. Mark, appreciate your input too... I would likely get the exact model you have if I go that route. Only thing I wish they had something between 55 and 80 thrust. If the 80 does that with a 22 ft Pathfinder, it may be a bit overkill for my 18 footer. Guess I would rather have a bit more thrust than not enough... Thanks again!
  5. Really appreciate the feedback guys... I am definitely leaning more towards the advanced models now with more input. Thank you so much again!
  6. My 10 + year old Motorguide Great White finally died on me. I need to replace it and have been looking at the new Motorguide Xi5 and Minn Kota Ipilot options. I have an 18 ft flats boat and use my trolling motor heavily, as I fish a lot of docks & mangrove shorelines. I am looking for real world feedback from fisherman who have and use the wireless versions. Do you feel they are worth the extra $? Do you find it more or less difficult to fish while trying to position the boat? Do the spot lock/ hold features work well and do you use them regularly? The little feedback I have received from friends are totally opposite. One claims its easier with a manual handle because you can move it with your leg/ body and still keep both hands on the rod and don't have a remote in one hand the whole time. The other guy swears it's much better than having to move the motor manually... So, I present this to the forum and truly appreciate and welcome any personal feedback you may have. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this (sorry it's a bit long). Tight lines to all!
  7. I have not personally had any issues with TFO (tampa). That said, I have taken my rods to Southeastern (Florida avenue) several times with broken tips and they fixed them on the spot. Maybe took 15 minutes.
  8. Appreciate the feedback,Thump...
  9. Another possibility is that you may not have enough line on the spool. Typically when I start to notice a drop in distance it is due to the that. A lack of line also causes more friction on the "lip" thus dropping distance. just my .02
  10. Love those fish!!! Good job
  11. Saw someone selling some pretty cheap on Craig's list a while back...
  12. Nice work! What did they eat? if you don't mind me asking....
  13. Nice work and fish!!! And so starts the addiction.....
  14. That was amazing!!! Thanks for sharing
  15. fishbytes


    Are those fish in brackish water?
  16. fishbytes


    Man that is awesome!!!
  17. I am 0 for 3 from the yak myself but keep at it. I gotta get back out there!!! Did it hit a Pinner?
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