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  1. daddio

    Port St Jose Reds?

    If you mean Port St. JOE, there are lots o' reds, at least in April and May when I've been in Cape San Blas, across the bay. I use the normal techniques: jigs, with or without popping corks on flats, bait (shrimp, pinfish), in the deeper areas.There are also the usual compliment of other inshore species.
  2. daddio

    Apalachicola Inshore And Nearshore

    Duuno if my trips to the western end of SGI apply, but in light of the lack of other replies, I'll relate my experiences. I have chartered inshore trips in late March to early April in each of the past 3 years. We fished the western end of SGI from the bridge, then around the west end to the gulf, did a little drift casting in the surf and back into the bay through the Government Cut. Using live and dead shrimp on the bottom, we had good hauls of sheepshead, black drum, trout, whiting, and reds ( more over slot than in slot). (The catch of sharks and catfish were minimal) On the occasions in which I threw jigs (with- and without popping corks) I caught flounder, trout and undersize reds. I'm told that there is great pompano, tarpon,and goliath grouper fishing during the summer.