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    2013 Young Gulfshore 20 For Sale

    Thanks Mike, I appreciate it.
  2. Hello Everyone, with much sorrow, due to a pressing family matter I must part ways with my Young Gulfshore 20. I'm only going to post a few pictures here and limited space to me being "on the road". It's been a phenomenal performing boat for me and those that I have the pleasure to be on board with me. I'm asking $44,500. Please visit "The Hull Truth) and search "Young Gulfshore 20" for more pictures, full list of extras, and warranty information. I apologize for the redirect and if this is not allowed please let me know. Thanks - Steve
  3. skordish

    Alligator Lake

  4. skordish

    Freshwater Tarpon/bass

    Fishtale, awesome! BTW, what body of water (if you don't mind me asking) Kings Bay/Crystal River?
  5. The epitome of a great day...get to see your child's concert and then land you PB snook. Very proud day indeed!
  6. skordish

    White Bait Movement

    Figured it out. This afternoon found them piled up where I thought they'd be. High tide bait!
  7. skordish

    White Bait Movement

    Ok, last month or so have been finding some nice white bait on a certain flat. As it happens, the tide has usually been mid tide - either half out going or half in coming. This afternoon we hit the same flat at a pretty high tide and couldn't find squat. My question is...What do you expert bait getters (Jack?) say is controlling the movement of the bait? Do they move closer with the water and try to stay at the same depth, or do they stay around the same spots as before and bury in the grass? I know they obviously move around, but any general tidal/daily migration info would be much appreciated. We chummed everywhere between 18" and 5 feet and never saw a single white bait. Jacks busting zillions of glass minnows all over the place all day maybe caused the green backs to leave for really deep water?
  8. skordish


    Welcome fishtale. That 10+ lb bass is certainly out there waiting for you!
  9. skordish

    Jl Marine/power Pole

    I just wanted to say thanks to JL/ Marine and Power Pole for their great service and help. I had a malfunctioning port side pole and Alex and Nathan at Power Pole made an on the water diagnosis that was spot on. I had an unresponsive port pole. The pump was showing a continuous green light and wouldn't pair to the remote. They did a great job of diagnosing the problem. I had a new cap and ribbon the next day, and all is perfect again. Nice job fellas and Power Pole!
  10. skordish

    Lure For Whiting?

    Mike, not sure if that's the same fish I've seen up north but it's similar. I seem to remember an ice fishing show revolving around whiting. On second thought, maybe I'm thinking about white fish, oh crap, nevermind - I'm confused. Thanks!
  11. skordish

    Whitebait On The Southshore

    Flat north of the Howard Franklin has been spotty (Tampa side). We've spent over 3 hours rodeoing baits there. The jacks have been crashing this flat big time and the baits are seriously ass-puckered and not wanting to get out of the grass
  12. skordish

    C A Richardson, Tuesday May 19

    lol - I'm a fishing show junkie and just enjoy watching fish being caught, no matter who the host is. Although I don't get those professional carp tournaments in the donut shaped lakes and others out of the UK. WFN channel FTW! - Cant believe I used that acronym - (I'm over 50 - lol)
  13. skordish

    C A Richardson, Tuesday May 19

    Probably my favorite fishing show. Very good insight and instruction. Complete 180 degrees from shows like Bill Dance, who has never caught a bass less than 6 lbs - lol
  14. skordish

    Lure For Whiting?

    I've never caught a whiting and didn't even know they were around here. I thought they were a northern fish. Is this another species apart from the Northern whiting?
  15. skordish

    To Pinch The Tail Or Not?

  16. skordish

    Snook The Day After Season Closed

    Very nice fish Helm! Hijack question for everyone...Let's say you are fishing docks on the evening of April 30th and you land a slot snook at 11:00 PM and put it on ice. You get back to the dock at 3:00 AM (May 1st). FWC is checking boats at the ramp. Are you 'effed caused you're in possession of a snook after the season is closed? Slim odds of happening in real life, just wondering what y'all think. I think you'd be ticketed unless they were in a forgiving mood.
  17. skordish

    Butt Whoopin' And Nice Inshore Fish

    That was a really cool and well done video- enjoyed watching it!
  18. skordish

    Back In Action...sort Of!

    fordee, I understand. If you do feel physically up to it in the future, let me know - You don't have to worry about anything else - just saying.
  19. skordish

    Back In Action...sort Of!

    Fordee, it's great you're able get out and wet a line. Not sure of your situation but if you'd like to, and you're able, you can get out with me on my boat on UTB.
  20. skordish

    Never Understood This About Tampa Bay

    Anyone else having problems logging in today?
  21. skordish

    Never Understood This About Tampa Bay

    Timmy, sorry man, didn't see the 1.8 low after the 1.7 high. Like I said, reading on my phone and eyes ain't so good.
  22. skordish

    Never Understood This About Tampa Bay

    Web site won't let me log on with computer or tablet so tough answering on phone Anyway, The numbers look fine. Imagine looking at a map like "hot spots". The numbers you see on the map are low tide reference depths. Your low of -.3 at 2:26 am means the water depth will be around .3 ft. LOWER than the depth on the paper chart. The depth of 1.7 @ 9:47 am means the water depth should be about 1.7 feet OVER the depths shown on the paper chart(or Garmin/Lowrance, etc.) Maybe I misunderstood your question, but that my reply. Great question BTW!
  23. skordish

    More Ridiculous Activity In La...

    nice video and nice reds! (sweet boat too!)
  24. skordish

    Icelocker Cooler Vs Yeti Cooler

    Johnson, BTW, are you associated with Ice Locker in any way?