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  1. suncoastdawg

    Id For Little Green Fish

    It is either the Goldtop Minnow or there is a Gold fleck Killiefish that I used to catch in my minnow traps in Hydrilla beds and shallow creeks and streams. The Gold Fleck Killi is a beautiful fish. I used to have a natural fish tank with all the local fishes in it. I just bought a 150 gallon tank and will set it up with all native fish. Just have to get the energy to clean all the calcium deposits out of it. Previous owner let it got to hell and never added any water so as the tank water got lower it would leave calcium cabonate scale on the glass.
  2. suncoastdawg

    Florida's Exotic fish

    They are only in ponds that are permitted.(unless someone got them without a permit which isn't too likely). Like I have stated before they are an excellent tool for helping control certain aquatic weeds if stocked at correct densities. That is key for them to be effective. 7 - 10 per acre are needed for Hydrilla and lower densities for most other problematic aquatic weeds. Too many per acre can and will ruin a ponds ecosystem. I have seen them stocked in some ponds where they ate everything in site and would even follow the lawn mowers and line trimmers to get the grass blades that fall into the water. Finding a balance for stocking them can be tricky.
  3. suncoastdawg

    Florida's Exotic fish

    Since Grass Carp are not native to Florida they are tightly regulated. All Grass Carp that are stocked are sterile (Triploid) and they require a permit to possess and transport. If caught they are to be released back into the waterway from which they came. They are a very useful tool for controlling certain aquatic weeds.
  4. suncoastdawg

    Florida's Exotic fish

    I have caught Tilapia, Oscars and different Chiclids. I have also caught Peacock Bass down near Ft. Lauderdale and wish they were around the Tampa Bay area. I used to raise Tilapia commercial when i first moved to Florida in 1984. I have also caught Triploid Grass Carp while fishing with a beetle spin. That was an awesome fight.
  5. suncoastdawg

    New member - Introduction

    Hello all, new to this site but not to Florida. Move here in 1984 to work on a fish farm in Palmetto raising Tilapia intensively. That didn't last too long and got into Aquatic Weed Control as a profession. Been doing that since 1985. I am on the water quite a bit but usually fresh water. Live in New Port Richey and Bass fish more than salt water fishing. Just thought I would pop in and say hi and I think this site is very useful and am making an effort to do more salt water fishing this year.