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  1. Oh ad prolly one of the best snook fishing days of my life yesterday caught a total of 20 snook an my biggest was 38 inches I wish I had somebody with me to take pics of them but hey at least I have some proof of my day.
  2. jonald266

    Weedon Island

    Anyone getting any good redfish around Weedon Lately never fished it before want to tho
  3. jonald266

    Cobia An Trout!

    It was a awesome time got out with a few buddies of mine a couple weeks ago an we slayed the trout an got a surprise cobia. I was using a root beer color jerk shad by Zman on a 1/4 oz mission fishing jig that cobia was prolly the best fight of my life an the trout were in the 20 inch range ended up with 30 trout an that cobia an also a small grouper fishing a channel marker
  4. Me an a buddy of mine went out an did some fishing down the river. Started off in the morning on a dead low tide at around 630 am. I was throwing a weightless Zman jerk shad on a size 5 worm hook an he was using a yo zuri pencil 3D prism topwater lure it wasn't long till we were hooked up on a really nice redfish we saw him feeding on the bait so I told him to throw an bam he smacked it. It was a massive hit an a very excited moment. I ended up getting a nice snook to hit my Zman not long after just work artificials throughout the river an you should find them.
  5. jonald266

    Big Bass Slam

    Me an my buddy decided to go out an do a little fishing so we launched out on a pond around my neighborhood not knowing that every big bass in the lake decided to bite. We were throwing 1/2 spinnerbaits an Texas rigged worms ended up catching a total of 12 fish it was a awesome time an can't wait to get out an do it again. If your planning on going out the bass are starting to pull off the beds an head for deeper water so I suggest you get out asap before they become difficult to find.
  6. jonald266

    Alligator Lake!

    Yes very true I usually stick to throwing jigs in heavy cover always produce big fish an my trailer of choice is a speed craw
  7. jonald266

    Alligator Lake

    When would you like to go
  8. jonald266

    Alligator Lake!

    Just posted them an no Texas rig it was a jig you can buy them at dicks sporting goods
  9. jonald266

    Alligator Lake!

    I ended up going back out there prolly had the best day of my life on that lake caught 18 fish flipping a 3/8 oz tour grade strike king jig brown an red with a zoom speed craw I started the day out right off the bat with 2 fish pulled out of the pads. I haven't caught that many fish on a jig until this trip I couldn't believe how good the bite was out there for me all really good size 5 of my fish were 5 plus pounds. If your heading out to alligator lake try a jig get into the thick cover an you should do well
  10. jonald266

    Alligator Lake

    Hey skordish we should fish that lake sometime I'm on it all the time
  11. I'm selling my reel an rod combo great condition only 100 7272229099
  12. jonald266

    Alligator Lake

    I like that lake i do well out there every time i go i average about 7 to 10 fish a trip just have to fish deep they like the hydrilla on the bottom in the middle holds nice numbers of bass carolina rigging is key out there in the summer time an right now i stick to smaller profile baits to catch numbers
  13. jonald266

    Alligator Lake

    So I went out to alligator lake with a buddy of mine yesterday morning perfect conditions for bass fishing cloudy with alittle wind. We started off with me throwing a buzzbait an him throwing a texas rigged worm its good to power an finesse fish that way you can figure out quickly what the bass are will to feed on. Moments in my friend hooks up on a bass in the lilly pads we only ended up with 7 all together out there the bite was surprisingly tough the texas rigged worm was the only way to get them to eat yesterday no size out there yesterday but there is some huge bass in that lake. If your planning on fish in out there thr june bug straight worm works well and a dt 06 can snag some bass early in the morning.
  14. I know just haven't had a chance too take them yet ill post them up today
  15. jonald266

    Fall Fishing

    So me an my friend have been fishing together alot these past few months the water temp is down to the low 60's an the bass are very active. We have been throwing cranks spinners an flipping jigs in heavy cover later in the day my lures of choice this time of year is a medium diver crank 6-8 a finesse jig with a craw trailer an a spinner bait 3/8 oz we have been producing nice bass with these lures. You will catch large amounts of bass this time of year just get out early an find the bait thats all you need to do once you see bait you know theres bass good luck out there.