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  1. theyre average size for sandbars, decent sharks i say are 7-9ft, and larger is anything double digit. But for the tackle we were using these are nice fish imo
  2. Theyre sandbar sharks we tagged 2 and released all of them
  3. Here is the full video if you guys wanna watch the fights
  4. yeah that was me hahaha he keeps beating me on posting the reports lol
  5. Here is a link to part of the bonita fight video, this one was hooked on a cheap crappie jig so light drag was necessary or the hook would have bent https://instagram.com/p/9ThQ43J8ep/
  6. Recently the Snapper mackerel and bonita have been pretty easy to catch. Live greenbacks have been the ticket. Kings are here and weve been hooking up on bluerunners ladyfish mackerel and jacks. Double treble hook stinger rig either free lined ballooned or outrigged. Sorry I dont post regularly anymore
  7. Hey guys I havent been here in a while. I usually post land based reports on here. But anyway I am in a contest to get the most likes to win some small prizes, if you guys could help a fellow angler out that would be much appreciated! All you have to do is follow this link https://instagram.com/p/9g8VLJqLYm/ And like the picture. You must have an instagram account to do this. Also please tag your friends as that would be a big help. Please and Thank you guys!!!
  8. Thien, if the tarpon are there youre bound to land one. Just make sure when they jump to give plenty of slack or they will rub through your leader
  9. Have not tried wading for them but since going to st pete and tampa multiples times a week is expensive, i might just give that a shot
  10. no one seems to be posting any reports on here lol. Well luckily I've been catching a butt load of tarpon, all on land based structures. Although tarpon is not what I am targeting I shall show you my by catches. All these fish were either caught on doa shrimp rigged with a circle hook or a yozuri plug. Any tide works as long as it is moving. This was the other night. 3-9 on tarpon. 0-0 on Cobia, hopefully my luck changes soon. Btw these fish were caught on light tackle. 10lb braid 30lb mono leader. 2500ci4+ and a 7' custom medium sick rod.
  11. Thanks guys, this fish could not have been landed without my buddy dan/chank. He held me down while i was putting at least 60lbs of drag while harnessed up.
  12. I started seriously shark fishing a little over a month. I fished the BHC tourney and learned a lot. Well ever since I bought my Makaira I wanted to land a hammerhead over 10 feet. Last night I accomplished that feat. Now I think I will put my reel up for sale and buy a car lol
  13. Fishing the BHC, work, and exams are very time consuming.
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