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  1. abm5926

    I'm Seriously Curious

    Andy, the reason I personally care so much is that I put hours and hours into looking at google earth then even more countless hours into trial and error and finding these fish. Beach areas and passes are obvious places to fish, a lot of people are going to fish there regardless. But areas that hold baby tarpon, or backwater creeks where u can sight fish big snook are different stories. Blast the beach where u fish all u want lol, jetties are areas with plentiful fish and everyone knows about without having to know a lot about fishing. I think it's awesome when people put in the work and find great spots, that's why I don't want people to ruin it for themselves or the fish (or me haha). People need to put in some work and find some fish for themself. Phil - why put in work when u can post on Tampa bay fishing club and just ask where? Why hide spots when u can brag about it. The problem is people taught me fishing etiquette and how to fish, etc. now u don't learn technique u just ask where and what bait to use. It's disgusting. U put those people in a new area and they'd have no clue how to fish it. Anyways I'm tired of ranting. Maybe I'll check back into TOF in another 6months haha.
  2. abm5926

    Starting Over Again

    That's awesome man, glad to hear you're getting some fish out there!
  3. Selling my spin gear because I only fly fish now. Great rods and reel! St. Croix Avid Inshore - med light - 7'6" light use - $160 St. Croix Avid Inshore - Medium power - 7'6" has a replaced tip guide but still works perfect. $125 Shimano Stradic Ci4 3000F spooled with #10 fins wind tamer. $125 Text me if interested- 9104091545
  4. abm5926

    Low Tide Fall Tailers

    Good job dude!
  5. Nothin wrong with chokin the chicken LOL.... Nice work getting on fish on of the most crowded days of the year.
  6. abm5926

    A Few Weeks Of Fly

    Good work dude! Always on the poon!
  7. abm5926

    Stuck My First Poon On Fly...

    Congrats! First poon on fly and a good one at that!
  8. abm5926

    Hell Yeah Let's Go!

    Great report Phil! Epic place with epic people. A trip I'll never forget!!
  9. abm5926

    Big Red And Big Surprise Fish

    Good report!
  10. abm5926

    6/2/15 Backcountry

    Tampa bay
  11. abm5926

    6/2/15 Backcountry

  12. abm5926

    Fishing Face Shields

    www.skinnywaterculture.com Try the stalker mask from them, It is made from a thinner material which fog glasses less and has a piece on the front and back that goes down over your shirt so your neck doesn't get burned. Local company too.
  13. abm5926

    New Snook/reds Video

    Dude that's a bad ass vid! Nice work!