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  1. Pam- thank you! Lures are no an issue. It's talking about spots and even kayak launch spots are some of the things that have ruined some areas in the bay. Keep doing what you do Pam! You have become such a great fisher and have truly embraced the sport to the max.
  2. Absolutely perfectly spoken words Dave! Thank you for spending time to preach truth.
  3. Nice report Dave and some good numbers!! Well done
  4. This is the only one I've seen so far... More will come in certain.
  5. Nice report and pics man! Good lookin fish!
  6. Pam is a machine and very proud to call her a good friend! She earned it and am super proud of what she has accomplished in the past few years. Stellar. I know she is on cloud nine lol
  7. Ron works in mysterious ways Chris. Good thing is most places don't need any to get on the water... So many just from shore.
  8. I've spoken to a number of the "good oldies" as well and all have said they got sick of the spots given, and the lack of common sense. Can that be taught? Sure! But it appears the damage has been done. This site gets so many trolls and newbies on their first post asking "where do I find fish at x location". There comes a point in helping someone that is genuine in wanting to learn goes so far... Cuz on the flip side we've had many that have played the innocent role and once info was given, they disappear. Yes social media has changed the role in fishing. But as a site that used to be solid fisherman coming together to chat is not that way anymore. I keep up with all of my friends (some from here) on Facebook and Instagram daily. Can this site be different? Sure! But as records have shown, the forum has diminished. And will continue that track. This world has become so politically correct that you can't even tell someone they don't have a clue of what they are doing without someone getting all bent out of shape and crying about it. Sorry but that's fact. I know myself and my friends love to help people, but there comes a time that some people are bad for a "community". No need to say moderators are bad, and other nonsense. We all love to fish and enjoy the sport. Suggest things that you would like to see different for the better. But don't hate the fact that there are trolls and other numerous people coming on the forum to just get info and go... Poach perhaps.. Sorry, that's not ok.
  9. Welcome to TOF Capt! We look forward to your reports and pictures!
  10. Couldn't agree more Alex! Well said
  11. Sorry Andy, but your rant has me confused.. The message I said was simple. Do you need to do what I say? Nope, I just ask why... Any harm in that? Didn't think so. As some here I've noticed many solid members leave this site due to info given. It's just a fact. This "forum" is massively lacking from what it once was.. There's no reason to sit calmly and scratch your head,.. The answer is obvious if you pay attention.
  12. "Except forums"... No shit Gary! Lol... The one thing that creates an actual "community". Go figure. I love controversy and negligent comments! I was raised that way! Haha I love you to dude!!
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