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    phil030 reacted to pickgrin in 6/1/16 Sjs Slam With Nice Snook   
    I fished SJS with my friend Tom yesterday(Wednesday) afternoon.
    It was a beautiful day on the water with just enough wind to not feel roasted but still relatively smooth waters.
    We tried a couple spots with nothing happening but ladyfish and catfish.
    Then decided to pull up some bait fish and go target snook. We got 5 or 6 big grunts and a few bigger pinfish and 1 perfect sized ladyfish and went to find the snook.
    I tried the 12" ladyfish 1st but it didn't stay alive very long on the hook. Went with a 7" grunt and after about 5 minutes it gets slammed. My drag was only like 3 clicks from being locked down and this fish is screaming line out - so I knew almost immediately that to get this fish in on 25 lb leader was going to have to be a finesse job.
    It was quite the fight and a bit touch and go a couple times as she tried twice to power me to structure - but I managed to get her turned both times. Then another tense moment as she headed out and away towards open water and got very close to a crab pot line. I somehow managed to keep her from wrapping around that and eventually got her to the boat with leader fairly well in tact. I was lucky she didn't try to jump or tail walk or she probably could have sliced me off if she had a couple shots at it.
    So obviously I was thrilled to pull in this beauty. 37" snook. I'm going to guess about 16-17 lbs.

    We stayed in that area for awhile but no more hits so headed to another spot. I caught a snooklet and an 8" trout there.
    Tried another spot and I hooked up with a pretty good redfish on a dead shrimp that I had thrown out and got a 2nd good fight for the day. Surprising strength from what turned out to be a 25" redfish.

    Doing the math in my head, thought a 70" slam is not bad - but an 80" slam would be way better - so spent the remainder of our time trying to "upgrade".
    I caught 5 or 6 more trout on a rootbeer Zman jerk bait - but all were small - the largest being 13".
    So I wound up with a pretty respectable 75" inshore slam and was happy with the quality of targeted fish I caught although the quantity was lacking and unfortunately Tom didn't catch much.
    We enjoyed our beautiful day out very much. My 1st trip in too long.

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    phil030 reacted to lostmans1 in Poons   
    Well they are here in full swing... Finding good fish on the beaches and all the passes.   The skyway will hold the fish all summer long.  We have put a lot of fish in the air over the past few weeks.   A lot of big fish are here too.   we have landed 2 fish over the 150 mark and jumped a few more.    Some of my guide buddies have gotten a few 180+ fish.   Same thing with sharks too....if you are fighting fish in the passes good chance you will have some sort of shark encounter so be careful landing those fish.  If you are close to a beach, which you will be unless you are at the skyway have 1 guy on lookout while the other revives the fish.    make sure you hold onto that fish for a few minutes to revive it.....20 seconds wont do it after a long fight.   Last week my buddy fought a 150lb fish for over an hour and just as I went to grab it he started yelling "SHARK!!!".   It was a 12-14ft hammerhead and he flipped his bail, and I slammed the throttle and drove circles around the shark...the tail hit the leader and the fish got away.   There is no denying if a shark eats a tarpon, there will be blood!  
    I have used both 7/0 hooks for threads/mullet/chunk bait and 5/0 for crabs.   I haven't used anything other than 60lb flouro for the past 3 years and I usually use 7-10 feet of leader, maybe slightly shorter if im trying to make long casts on the beach but I prefer a longer leader.   And always double that braid!   Spider hitch to an improved Albright for me.  
    As usual I put all the pics on twitter and snapchat.
    Lostmans1 on twitter and bigskip28 on snapchat.
    get out there and fly some poons!
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    phil030 reacted to lostmans1 in Poons   
    whats up people.....been focusing on work and haven't been fishing much during the colder months but nothing gets my blood boiling like tarpon season.   Ill be out there this weekend and Monday and every other week after that.   Im sure ill sprinkle in some weaker tide trips but boy am I ready to fly some poons.   Saw a few around the skyway and a few around Egmont.  Hoping more fish have moved in this week.    Any old friends on here wanna get out there and hit em just give me a ring, you know im always down. 
    ps:   If you are new to poon fishing don't anchor at Egmont, keep an eye out for anchor balls and its corresponding line at the bridges, and when making runs to the back of the pack make a wide loop around everyone and don't run through the middle of everyone.  Also make sure your lights are in working order.  Be safe out there peeps and be respectful to your peers.    For the record it is TOTALLY acceptable to blast the radio when you are hooked up to your favorite fight song.    

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    phil030 reacted to bassin assassin in Late Alafia Report   
    Launched yesterday at noon. Water was very low and almost muddy. Water temp at ramp was 61 degrees, but got warmer as I went towards Williams Park. Got up to 67 in some spots. Water was coming in till about 4:30pm and then back out. I worked docks, open water and wind-blown banks for 3 hours and had not had one definite strike.
    Went into a shallow bay. Saw mullet jumping and was encouraged. Worked the banks and middle with no luck. Was using a light power rod w/ 10# pp and a 1/16 oz chartreuse MF jig head with the RT mullet in electric chicken. Got all the way to the end and was fishing in about a foot of water. At 3:30pm, I was reeling in and my lure just stopped. Came tight and my line had already moved 10' to the right of where my jig was. I felt weight and a big fish took off for the middle of the bay. My drag was screaming. I followed the fish out and got fairly close. I see the broad back of a very large snook as she surfaces. It is a tank and I conservatively estimate to be at least 36", but probably bigger. I loosen my drag since she is out in open water and I fight her for a minute. The bend in my rod is significant and I feel all her weight as I put pressure on her. She suddenly begins to make surge after surge for a dock about 20 yards away. Instead of tightening my drag, I lightly palm the reel. She is getting closer to the dock and I applied more palm pressure, but apparently too much. She makes another run and Tink. She pops my line. I am still reeling from that loss. I learned not to palm the reel and always use the drag, especially when fishing light line.
    Trying to recover from that misfortune, I move on. Ok so that fish was in a shallow bay in very shallow water probably trying to stay warm in the sun. Docks have been a bust. So over to another shallow bay. I finally got on the board with a small snook about an hour later. Mullet and other fishy activity too. Lost a fish that came up and spit my lure. Think it may have been a catfish cause I caught 2 small ones just a bit later. Getting late so I headed back towards the ramp to hit a couple of good docks. By this time the water was flowing out. Looked down when I began to work the docks and the water was gin clear. The water from the river was flushing out that stained murky water. That was interesting. I ended up catching 2 small snook off docks right before dark. I headed for the ramp. It was a difficult day and rough losing a big fish like that, but you can't catch them all.
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    phil030 reacted to andys in Fishing Coordinates Off Shore Ft Myers Fl   
    Fisherman in FL. get a little grouchy when it is cold and windy. It will be OK again soon. LOL! Fishing is not that hard to learn. Just ask the right questions. IMO.
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    phil030 got a reaction from lkuba in Sailfish Smackdown 2016   
    This is the only one I've seen so far... More will come in certain.

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    phil030 got a reaction from lkuba in Sailfish Smackdown 2016   
    Here's sail number two!

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    phil030 got a reaction from andys in I'm Seriously Curious   
    Pam- thank you! Lures are no an issue. It's talking about spots and even kayak launch spots are some of the things that have ruined some areas in the bay. Keep doing what you do Pam! You have become such a great fisher and have truly embraced the sport to the max.
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    phil030 reacted to ltf in I'm Seriously Curious   
    I came here a few years back shortly after moving to Tampa, but have not participated much in the last year for a lot of reasons.  Mostly, I've dealt with a bad back and recovery from surgery. That means that I've hardly fished, so haven't had much to brag about.    Also, I've drifted away due to a lot of the reasons already listed.  Not mentioned specifically yet, but it seems that the site and the forum has been pretty focused on monetizing.  It's understandable that the site is a business, but the ads (whether marked as such, or cleverly written into a great article) are a bit much for me.  It's not just the site though.  Far from it in fact.  It seems that the large majority of the posts are about hawking something, a new lure, a blog site, a new company that someone is working with, or whatever product that someone's buddy or cousin makes.  I don't mind plugging products and services.  In fact, I've found some good information on products the I use when I do fish, but there should be limits, and product plugs shouldn't come in the first post.  Introduce yourself, make some friends, and contribute first. 
    That said, I still come back for information.  There is a lot of good content, and still a lot of people here that I respect here, even if I haven't met many of them in person.  I think that with some of the constructive comments and recommendations that the site will do well and look forward to watching it develop.

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    phil030 reacted to augiford in Superbowl Weekend Snook   
    Did the weekend early morning downtown fishing also in the rain.  Was able to land 15 or so snook ranging 16"-20".  Was able to landed a fat 29" snook and also had a miss from a monster snook.  With the strong winds fish still mostly hanging on the south side of structures. Caught most on xraps.  Watching some hit, they did not seem to be as aggressive when going after lure like they were couple of weeks ago.
    Also went wading Sat morn, landed 9 trout, 2 were 17" the others 13-14", no flounder .  Found all the trout in deeper grassy hole.

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    phil030 reacted to arti-6 in I'm Seriously Curious   
    Very well said BA! I think you hit all the points that everyone has been thinking about.
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    phil030 reacted to codys in I'm Seriously Curious   
    Lol I'm in the Air Force, Dave, not a marine. I'm in Colorado and fly fish on my off days I just don't take many pics now. I didn't leave Florida for good either haha, I will be back eventually. Anyways, this site is wack now and the forum is dead, it will never comeback. I'm just glad it's not the Salt Life online fisherman.com.
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    phil030 reacted to flaswimbaiter in I'm Seriously Curious   
    Thanks for the kind words Dave, those were good times. Great write up and some great points, thanks for taking the time to share your experiences.
    I believe you guys are referring to the same Cody I follow on FB, he is now serving our country as a marine I believe, and is no linger in Florida. He is a hell of a young fishermen.
    As for location, I don't crop my pics only to make the fish look bigger. LOL
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    phil030 reacted to ladyluck in I'm Seriously Curious   
    Phil brought me to this site a couple of years ago.  I loved it and still like TOF, but yes, Facebook has changed the world.
    Sharing exact locations...a ... NO.  But I am one of those who asked about lures.  It was a way to learn.  I didn't feel that was creating an issue.  As a matter of fact, I post a number of photos with the lure still in the fishes mouth.  Really don't see the harm in that.
    And Fish Brain,  a really fast way to see what people are catching.  You can set the Location to Private, so NO ONE knows were you caught the fish.  You can chat with people all over the world.  I just started to use the app Alex and I enjoy reading the stories and seeing the fish.
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    phil030 got a reaction from ladyluck in I'm Seriously Curious   
    Why do you fish?
    Why do you speak about exact locations when you post a report?
    Why do you keep everything you catch?
    Why do you complain when you can't find fish in the spots you have blasted online for the world to see?
    Honestly, if you guys haven't noticed... There's a ton of guys missing from this forum that used to post all the time with solid reports (never displaying where they fish or even showing backgrounds in their pictures), but they have stopped coming here due to all the non stop talk about all that crap! "Hey where did u get that fish?". "Hey what lure did u use?" "What depth did u get that fish, were you trolling the flat?"
    Seriously, if you can't tell this forum has become a dead zone! Do you wonder why? Think clearly!
    What is so wrong with posting reports and pics that don't depict where you fish? Why let the entire earth know where u caught that dink trout? Or came across that school of reds? Why!
    I'm sure there will be plenty of people on here that will try and blast me for making this post... But honestly you are the ones that crack me up. This site is all about helping people learn how to fish... And has always been big on hearing your fishing reports and seeing the pics along with it! But at some point you must realize that too much info given is only harming yourself and your fishing spots you enjoy. So why not shut the hell up about all the details?! Why not just say things like "I had a great day fishing the bay"... Or "the snook were really on fire today"... Why tell the world where? If you think this site is only shown to people that are responsible fisherman and everyone respects the fishing etc, you are far from wrong, you are insane! Thinking is a given ability... Use it to your advantage. I've watched numerous areas on the east coast get completely blown out due to "talk". Use the technology we have these days (google earth etc) and find fish! It's not hard to catch fish, but you can certainly screw up a spot by talking about it online.
    I know a lot of guys aren't on here anymore due to that crap. For the new members, take this as advice. The guys that aren't one here anymore are truly strong fisherman... They didn't learn from the Internet and sharing spots. It's called fishing, much like hunting.
    Respect the fish, learn how to actually fish, and become happy.
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    phil030 reacted to andys in Did Good This Morning   
    My Best Fishing times site said today is a 4 star day. That is as good as it gets. Best fishing times was  10:26 AM to 12:26 PM. All fish caught on lure in picture under a bobber. Not much but not too easy in freezing Temps. with out a boat. I think I could have caught more, but I came home for some sour beef and dumplings, and the supper bowl.

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    phil030 reacted to stukid in Fishing Coordinates Off Shore Ft Myers Fl   
    Ron, I'm sure there is a special spot out there. Many fish below. I would encourage you to use all your natural instincts to find them. If you have a depth finder, look for changes in depth, structure etc.
    But just postinG your first question asking for numbers...
    This forum will be more than happy to help you with techniques tackle suggestions, tides etc, just not locations.
    I would also suggest you check out Lee County Web sight for artificial reef locations. These are public information and sure to hold bountiful quantities of fish.
    When you catch them, post your photos, post what you used, post the weather etc. Just don't ask folks for spots. Very controversial.
    Tight lines!
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    phil030 reacted to bassin assassin in I'm Seriously Curious   
    True beef. He is good. One of the young fishing studs like yourself that consistently caught big fish. So sad to lose all those good anglers. Hopefully some will come back some time and grace us with their angling insights. I like the free exchange of ideas, theories and the sharing of fishing exploits. I love reading about an angler's day on the water or watching a good videos like yours beef. Many who can't get out live vicariously through these reports. A fishing forum allows for that and has a lot to offer. We need more reports from all the members. We have too many lurkers that don't contribute anything to the site. Too many are just looking for new and better places to fish rather than being part of making TOF better than all other Tampa fishing websites. It could be the site to go to for the best angling reports and fishing advice. The wealth of fishing knowledge of the members here is incredible. We just need more people to get involved and participate/contribute to make the difference between a good site and a great site. We don't want to go the way of Captain Mel.
    One problem I see is the lack of responsiveness of the site. I sent a PM to the "TOF Team" regarding an article I wanted to publish, but retain rights to, regarding fishing docks with artificials. I might write a book someday. It is 7 pages long and extremely detailed. I sent my PM to them on 12/28/15 and didn't receive a response until 1/12/16. Basically I wanted to make sure that Gary wasn't going to claim that he owns the article since it is published on his site and to contact him about it. They said they would talk to Gary and get back to me. I am still waiting for a response. It is stuff like that that alienates members.
    You are still here Andy. Aren't you?
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    phil030 reacted to bassin assassin in I'm Seriously Curious   
    I have been inshore fishing just over 5 years. When I started posting reports on Captain Mel, I was giving out many specifics, including exact spots. After a while, the "administrators" over there came up with a policy regarding not giving out exact locations or taking pictures that showed recognizable areas. I was incensed and argued what is the harm. Year later I realize that they were correct in this decision. Not only was I shooting myself in the foot, but I was also possibly exposing the same exact spot that other anglers had found, but never disclosed to others.
    When I started years ago, I was lucky enough to hook up with flaswimbaiter. He taught me more about inshore fishing and became my mentor. We would often fish the SS flats every weekend and had some incredible days out there. He turned me onto the Rip Tide Mullet and the rest is history. I would post reports about our exploits and enjoyed writing about them and sharing with others. Eventually I came to realize that I wasn't doing myself or others any favors by posting specifics . The fishing pressure in my spots increased. My fishing success started to decrease. I was not catching the numbers or quality of fish like I was in the past.
    People would contact me and offer to pay for gas or take me out on their boat. I took some up on their offers and took them to my areas. Unfortunately, I wouldn't hear from a lot of them again. They just wanted to know my spots. People would contact me for info and I gave it to them. The next weekend I would go to my spots and there they were. It was my own fault. A guy on Florida Sportsman contacted me after my last post and he wanted info on where I was catching fish. I politefully declined and gave him my reasoning. If everybody practiced catch and release, maybe not on all fish, but most fish, then that would be one thing. Unfortunately, we have too many people that keep everything they catch and I mean everything.
    That brings to mind the guy who posted recently about catching a slot snook, but throwing it back because he was too cheap to buy a snook stamp. As some correctly pointed out, snook season was closed. So my thinking is that if he wasn't cheap and had the snook stamp, he would have kept that snook even though the season is closed. WTF! That is just pure ignorance to the regs. So many people don't follow them. If everybody did, the fishing would be so much better. By the way, do you remember the mess of fish he was holding up on that stringer? It was a ton of fish, including the only red he caught. Like he really needed to keep that snook with over 20 pounds of fish already caught. What about the guy who goes to his trout hole and keeps every trout he catches and then goes back later and can't catch any? Seems like people would figure out their is a direct correlation between the two. You know most people fishing from land keep everything they catch. Reminds me of the jagoff on the Alafia who wanted to give me $5 for the slot snook I caught. I wanted to tell him to go f!#% himself, but with the stupid stand your ground law, he might have shot me cause he felt threatened.
    People that have a freezer full of fish and keep more amaze me. Why not eat the fish you have now and only replenish your "enormous stockpile" when it gets low? Don't fish get freezer burn and spoil after a while? Aren't fresh fish the best to eat? People think that fish are an infinite resource and populations will remain constant. That is incorrect. I have seen the trout population in my areas drop off in both quantity and quality, especially quality. The trout I caught last time out were the best I have caught in a year. Four trout per person per day with one of them over 20" is crazy to me. That is a lot of fish for one person. That is probably why I am catching under slot trout almost all the time. OK enough of that rant.
    From what I have seen, too many people don't want to put in the time and effort required to find fish. They are either lazy or ignorant and don't really know how to fish. They want it handed to them. I am all for helping people out with techniques, lures, equipment, understanding tides, etc., but giving out coordinates and specific areas where you fish is not smart. That person goes there, takes another person who tells another person and on and on and on. Before you know it your spot is blown up and you catch no fish cause it has been worked to death. When it comes to taking people to your spot, just know that if you are successful, he will be back with a friend who then brings a friend and the cycle continues. Being sworn to secrecy is a joke. That doesn't happen.
    As far as newbies are concerned, you can't get on a forum with long-standing and established members who have put in the time, effort and money to find fish and ask "Hey guys, new here...so where the fish at?" The response should be "In the freaking water where they live." Or come right back at the poster and ask "What efforts have you made to find them? Where have you been? What have you tried?" If no effort has been made, then he should get no response. He hears crickets. I hate to suggest it, but there ought to be some sort of rules that everyone ought to abide by with repercussions if they aren't followed. Keep a snook out of season...you are history. Keep over your limit...bye bye. Keep an over slot fish...adios. Maybe newbies should have to agree to some sort of disclaimer before being allowed to become a member:
    1. Don't ask the original poster for specific locations on the forum.
    2. Don't give out specific fishing locations in fishing reports
    3. Follow all fishing regulations
    When it comes to why people have left here, a lot of it was the site transition. People don't like change. I didn't like it at first either, but the format is better and I have grown accustomed to it. Many who posted on here were inundated with requests for specific locations. That gets old. A large part of it is the social media and its' convenience. Take a pic of a good fish, click post to Facebook and done. No writing reports etc., but you still get all the adulation and attaboys you want with much less effort. Instant gratification with the least amount of effort required is the norm now. Also, on some of those sites, political correctness is not too prevalent and people can say exactly what they want without having to worry about mods banishing them from the site. Times change and the way we communicate changes as well.
    Man, this site was the shizznit. We had Beef, Soch, Lostman, Jessie, Boggs, Rkonsky, Ssslayer, Cody, ABM and many others that posted good insightful reports that enlightened, inspired and motivated others on this site to go out and enjoy this wonderful sport. We are so lucky to leave near some great inshore fishing.
    I wish that people treated this sport and our fishery with more respect. It is not only your fishery, but it is mine and everybody else's. I wish more people practiced catch and release. Think about how phenomenal our fishing would be if more people released the fish they caught. Think about how much that 27" redfish or 33" snook had to go through to get to that size. The obstacles they had to overcome to reach their size are astronomical. It is within your rights to keep that fish of course, but I hope that as you are considering whether or not to keep that fish the next time, you will decide it is too beautiful a creature to wind up as a picture on your dinner plate at the end of your post. Nothing is more satisfying to me than catching a fish like that and watching it swim away alive and well to parts unknown.
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    phil030 reacted to flaswimbaiter in I'm Seriously Curious   
    I agree that social media is making forums outdated. Most people posting here are older and have belong to forums for years. I post on both, but that's because most of the fisherman I know online are from other parts of the country and don't understand how it is locally. For example, if I post a report and picture of a 20" flounder caught here, you guys would appreciate its size, guys from California would say that's a tiny halibut. LOL
    I believe eventually fishing forums will be as popular as record players and pagers.
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    phil030 reacted to bassin assassin in Blue Crabs In Lee County   
    Beef be talking a different type of crabs. HA!
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    phil030 reacted to Tim in I'm Seriously Curious   
    I feel another coastal clean-up in the midst. Say the word boys and girls and I'll spearhead it again. The last turn out was amazing and it was great to just be amongst fishing enthusiasts - the energy was just purely amazing. Plus, filling up a whole dumpster worth of garbage was pretty amazing too.
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    phil030 reacted to captstevebetz in I'm Seriously Curious   
    Social media is the new forums. Plain and simple.
    While this is the nicest forum I have ever been part of I don't spend very much time on it anymore due to the time I spend on social media.
    My advice would be if you want to keep the little bit of traffic that this forum has don't start bitching because people ask questions or people post locations.
    If you start going the way of the Cap. Mel forum you will end up with a forum like that. No amount of rebuilding will ever bring that forum back due to the new management and all the rules on how to post.
    You guys really have a good thing here. It just needs a little work from the members.
    Why don't you guys try and put a simple meet and greet together at one of the local restaurants like  Hooters, Winghouse or something? That may help generate some activity again.
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    phil030 reacted to captain g in Proud Of My Spouse   
    This year while fishing with my wife for tarpon, my wife caught a lifetime fish.
    Being members of the West Palm Beach Fishing Club,my wife was awarded a certificate for the largest tarpon caught this year.
    The fish weighed approx. 180pds and was released unharmed.
    This fish dragged my wife around for 45minutes and even broke her fight during the battle.
    She never asked for help or gave up.
    I could never be more proud.

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    phil030 reacted to beefhill in Blue Crabs In Lee County   
    Here is a good spot to start catching crabs in the TB area.... I hope I'm not giving away anybody's special spot.