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  1. I have a lamson liquid 3.5 that would work for a 6wt or 8wt. It has backing and the color sleeve. It's a fully sealed drag so you don't have to worry about this reel getting damaged by the saltwater. http://www.waterworks-lamson.com/fly-reels/liquid/
  2. Check out www.floridagofishing.com for a bunch of public wrecks and reef GPS points. It would be a good starting point for you. Good luck man.
  3. Very well said BA! I think you hit all the points that everyone has been thinking about.
  4. Pam, you continue to push the limits of kayak angling!! You are a beast!! Keep up the good work and congrats on those fish!!! So awesome!
  5. There's been talk of that for years using underwater cages. It sounds like it's gonna happen really soon.
  6. Let's not even get started on that stupid fish brain APP. LOL. Everyone just wants everything handed to them these days. No one really has the fishing desire or passion to put in the time and effort to learn where, how, when, and why. It's sad but true. I think the saying goes, loose lips sink ships!
  7. Just a thought but if it isn't broke don't fix it...the old Johnson gold spoons work just as good if not better and the best part is the hooks don't break. Well at least I never had one break on me. They might not be advertised on flats class every 5 mins but they sure do work.
  8. I've never used traps for them and have always just gone out with a small net or caught them by hand. They are very easy to find and catch. I have got them by walking the seawall or wading the low or negative tides. Just about anywhere you see lots of bonnet head sharks you will also find blue crabs. Good luck with the hunt.
  9. There's def not a shortage on reds in the bay right now but getting those spooky fish to eat is a whole different story. My advise is to go out of your comfort zones and explore new spots/waters. This will only make you a better angler. Good luck!
  10. You will love it down here. That area is just loaded with good fish too! Welcome to TOF.
  11. Thanks guys! Pickgrin, the bigger sheep was from a family trip to the nature coast. It was caught on a fiddler crab using a pink barbie rod. Lol. We ended up keeping 6 sheeps that size and had a fish fry. The fried sheep nuggets were amazing!
  12. Thanks dude, she had an absolute blast that day.
  13. This is a late report from October 30, 2015, right before Halloween on a Friday. This time of year has kept me very busy with family and I haven't had too much time to be very present on the forums. I took the day off to go fishing with Elli (my 4 year old daughter) on the gheenoe after she got out of school. Of course, I had to fish before picking her up at school! Snook, is what was on my mind and when I started walking I spotted a tank overslot that didn't want anything to do with my fly. LOL. Then I walked down to a nearby oysterbar and found a bunch of sheeps that I decided to cast at. After casting at these convicts for 30 mins one actually ate my fly. It was a super fun fight on my 6wt. Then I ran into a solid school of good sized black drums and proceeded to drop my crab fly in their face. Finally to my surprise, one of the drum slurped my fly and I set the hook. As soon as it knew it was hooked it took off for the nearest dock. I totally got lucky and was able to turn the fishes head before getting broken off on the dock. After a good while of tug of war the fish gave up and came into my hands. It was now time to leave and pick up Elli from school. We get in the car and head out to the launch right at the bottom of the lowtide. Not long after we get to the 1st stop Elli catches 2 rat reds. That was fun but Elli kept talking about how she wanted a BIG fish. Time to move again and search for some bigger tails. As soon as we pull up I spot a solid solo red sitting on a sand flat in 2ft of water. fish on and the reel is screaming! Elli, starts yelling daddy this fish is too BIG!!! LOL. She did almost all the work of fighting the fish and only needed my help in the end. The rest of the pics are just from the past month of fishing from shore, gheenoe, or on the paddle board.
  14. Good report and a nice snook too! Some people just blow my mind. It's sad but there are a lot of people who will check everything they catch and pay zero attention to any regulations.
  15. If you are talking about the inshore mitigation reefs off Clearwater/IRB, then yes they are very close.
  16. Great report and pics Josh! That snook is a pig! Congrats on a new PB.
  17. I've missed reading your reports Dave! I'm glad your back and still sticking good fish despite the weather.
  18. Great vid! Those big jacks sure are fun.
  19. Solid fish bro! Thanks for sharing.
  20. arti-6


    Haha That's awesome man.
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