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    fishy restaraunts

    I live in Palm Harbor. I really like the thirsty marlin and Molly Goodheads. One of my favorite places to go though is Rusty Bellies at the end of the sponge docks. They bring out free hush puppies I instead of rolls and their shrimp po boy and cheese grits are amazing.
  2. saulvation

    Kings are here

    Thanks guys. I love kingfish. Fun to catch and easy to get people on. My 7yr old caught his first king in the spring and I hope to get him a handful more this fall. When you clean them keep the skin on. I marinate them overnight in creamy balsamic dressing(others use Italian dressing which is good too) and then smoke them for two hours at 225. I like to use apple wood but hickory is good too and I have an electric smoker which makes it really easy to time it perfectly. I smoke all fish at 225 for two hours that seems to be the magic number.
  3. saulvation

    Kings are here

    The kings and big macs are officially back. Did good yesterday in 45-50' on free lined threadies including this smoker. Super pumped for the next couple months. Groupers were pretty slow though. Only a couple keepers in a spot that we regularly limit out.
  4. saulvation

    Fishing has been awesome

    Good job dude.
  5. saulvation

    EPIC topwater GoPro slam!!!

    What a great video dude. Because of your video I am actually packing up to leave the office a couple hours early right now to go home and hang out with my kids.
  6. Good job. The reds seem to be everywhere right now. That's awesome.
  7. saulvation

    Lots of Grunts and Red Grouper offshore

    The red grouper have been very clean this year. I don't even know how many I've cleaned but have only had one or two with worms.
  8. saulvation

    St Pete Open

    So I just wrote a long detailed report and lost it. I don't feel like doing that again especially because I am on my ipad with a bunch of kids crawling on me so here are the main points.-it was fun-went to 115' for ajs, found them by the thousands -they were all about 24"-shot a pig mango in 115'. Weighed in at 5.65lbs gutted. Took 4th place snapper and 23rd overall out of over 300 shooters-won a speargun-the 1st and 2nd place groupers were 82 and 79lb carbos that came off the same boat. Read the story here. It was insane. -I didn't take pics like I should have but here are some off the gopro. I also didn't take a proper photo of the mango but you can see it in this one to get an idea of the size. It's the fish second on the right just to the left of the grouper on my stringer. I'm on the right. Enjoy the pictures or what there is for pictures anyways. Check out The St Pete Open on Facebook to see more. The ajs were like this in every direction. It was a bit overwhelming and underwhelming at the same time.The tournament was a blast. The weigh in was fun. Definitely gone do it again next year.
  9. saulvation

    St Pete Open

    Haha! His hair was pretty amazing.And thanks! I'll post a report after the weekend.
  10. saulvation

    St Pete Open

    Hey guys, I'm shooting in the St Pete Open on Saturday. They say its the worlds largest spearfishing tournament. There's like 350 or 400 guys registered and the boundaries are the whole state. Anyways, I wanted to let you guys know about the weigh in on Saturday night. It's at 7:30 at Magnuson Hotel Marina Cove down by the Skyway on the St Pete side. They have a bunch of food and drink vendors, fish art, etc. It's a fun time if you can make it. Plus you get to see a bunch of ridiculously huge fish. The winning grouper last year was a 75lb gag. Here's the photos from last years weigh in. The gag is on page 3 to give you an idea of what the fish are like. http://stpeteopen.com/Galleries/2012_SPO/index.htmAnd the website for the tournament with more info and schedules is stpeteopen.comHope to see you there!
  11. saulvation

    Sunday afternoon

    I try to be careful but honestly I forget and get careless. Eventually I'll step on one's wing or spook one right in front of me and it slows me down until I forget again. Recently we had a few sharks follow us for over an hour when we were wading. Not sure what kind but they were decent size. 4ft or so. They never got too close or aggressive but every now and then one would try to sneak up to one of our stringers and we'd have to poke it away.
  12. saulvation

    Can you identify this fish?

    We get a ton of them in our pinfish traps. Of course I prefer pinfish but use them almost interchangeably when we have a lot.
  13. saulvation

    Can you identify this fish?

    Yep. They work fine for grouper bait.
  14. saulvation

    Spotted pinfish

    Offshore they work just fine. I've never used one inshore.
  15. saulvation

    Sunday afternoon

    I step on a stingray almost every time I go out. I can't believe I haven't got got yet. It's an eerie feeling of a ray freaking out to get out from under your foot.