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  1. Added feature but not required for anchor, lock heading, or recording a track. Also, the xi5 remote is far less bulky than the iPilot remote.
  2. In my boat build I will be going with an xi5. The xi5 has a more accurate spot lock and north heading because it uses gps and two compass's as the ipilot only uses gps. Just think you can record a route along a line of docks then replay the exact route over and over again and never have to touch the remote unless you hook up on a fish to hit the anchor button to keep the fish from pulling your boat into the dock.
  3. Long time, no see Jack! Lets get together soon. My boat us currently for sale and once it sells my 2016 Bulls Bay 2200 will start being built. Once I get it we need to get out and catch up. Shoot me a text I lost your number. Britt and I tied the knot last month too.
  4. It's been awhile since I posted. Between getting married in 3 weeks and tournaments I have just been too busy. I recently got the offer to be 1st mate for Captain John Gunter with Off the Hook charters on the 33' Hydrasports he is running out of St Petersburg. My 1st trip was Saturday. So Friday night I took my boat out to get some fresh bait for the charter the next day. It was so easy with 2 throws I had my 94qt cooler filled to the top. Since it was so easy I decided to hit the flats out of Cockroach. The Snook bite was just flat out stupid. Every bait for 2 hours was fish on and ended up leaving them biting because of the long day ahead on Saturday. I was at the marina at 6 AM and proceeded to prep the boat and rig the rods. Our 6 clients got there at 7 and we let them know there was a front coming in and only had a short window. Without hesitation they said let's roll. We stopped at a marker where I threw the net for some live bait. About 5 throws and we were set on bait and the Capt hammered down on the 700hp Yamahas and made our way 20 miles. 1st stop was for grouper on Swiss cheese bottom but it was to choppy to drift like we needed to. Anchoring is not too effective but we still managed some shorts. We see the front heading our way so we ran 9 miles South to one of my Snapper spots. We get anchored up and start chumming and the machine is lit up. The fish were picky and finally got them to chew on freelined whitebait going with our chum on 20lb fluro. As soon as they turned on we had 7 fish in the boat and the front hit. Unfortunately we had to call the trip but the clients were thrilled with the size of the Snapper including one that hit 24". All in all a good day for what we were dealt with weather wise and I am looking forward to this new venture. The Capt and I work well together and it doesn't get better than that.
  5. Hey good to see you here John. Looking forward to some offshore reports! - Tony Prevatt
  6. Yea me too. Todd ( Slingnbait ) told me to fish my Spring spots. The only problem with the neg lows my Spring spots had no water! I had to wait until the afternoon high to get in there lol.
  7. Normally in December the day consists of a 24 mile round trip to the Skyway for bait and then back into the river all day. Well with it being so warm the bait is still on the flats and the river is not producing. Being more like Spring we ran to the shipping channel for Snapper. The bite was non stop for 3 hours with over 40 snapper, 4 red grouper at 17", a grunt, and some short gags. After the tide picked up ( hard to get baits down and bite slows down ) we headed inshore to some of my winter spots. Lots of activity but only some low slot Trout. Once we had enough water to get there we ran to a Spring spot and got a 18" red first bait in. After that is was double and triple hookups on mid/upper 20s snook for about an hour. A hell of a day and fried snapper for supper.
  8. I think the fish are confused with it being 85° in mid December. From when I have been out the fish are not in Winter pattern but the tides are. I did sneak out the other day for an hour and had just enough water to fish a Spring spot of mine and got a 27" red. My Winter spots were not producing just yet. We need a good cold snap for things to fall into place. All just my opinion of course.
  9. Actually this was my Uncles doing. He lives there and I have never fished at night here before.
  10. Do to increased work and the wind blowing I have not been out since September 23rd. I never fish at night but my Uncle and I hit some dock lights on Friday night. The fish were lethargic and when they would eat they would just hold the bait in there mouth for 10 seconds and sit still on it. We still had some action with mid and upper 20's Snook but my Uncle got the fish of the night with a fat girl who came out to 40 1/2 inches.
  11. Take a picture of every fish! Even if it is a 12" trout. Trust me on this.
  12. I know the winner last year was throwing a New Penny DOA CAL on a red 1/8 oz jig head
  13. Nice work! Jason is one of the best guides in the area and very courteous on and off the water.
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