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  1. also, the superglue creates a part of the line that is not pliable. Therefore, I would think that where the pliable line meets this hard line would be a wear point.
  2. http://new.kayakanglerswestflorida.com/Forum/search.php?search_id=unreadposts Check this one out if you are still looking. It covers bradenton to venice with some outing south of that.
  3. spanish mackerel! EASY to clean and scrumptious grilled or smoked.
  4. I am interested, but very busy through April. There is a small chance I might be able to join you.
  5. Anyone see the Wide Open Spaces top ten Florida fishing spots. The first 8 were lakes then Keys and Fort Lauderdale. I am wondering what you guys think. I would pick Charlotte Harbor, Everglades, Weedon Island, and Mosquito Lagoon before I would pick any lake.
  6. I especially like mackrel because it is soooo easy to clean and it stays together on the grill. Also, you can't beat crab! I like the taste of Blue Crab best, but it is harder to clean than stone crab claws which come in a close second. Other than that, any fish I catch (with a few exceptions that are not worth mentioning)
  7. I like Economy Tackle/Dolphin Dive shop in Sarasota on 41 near Stickney Point Rd.
  8. I am wanting to hit the beach for mackerel on during their move south. What should I be looking for? Is there a specific water temp I should wait for?I'm is Sarasota, so just tell me when they are passing you by and they should be in my neck of the woods the next day or so. :cheer:
  9. What size chub did you start with? Do you think you will try other sizes?
  10. That sounds like lots of fun. It would be a long drive from Sarasota. I don't think I could pull that off in the next couple weeks.
  11. I guess some people think it cruel to catch a fish just for fun. If you are not planning on eating it then don't taunt it with free food, then pull it around by a hook just to send it back where it came from. It is just nonsense.
  12. I almost always use fake baits. Mostly DOA jerks rigged weedless since it is simple. I am not to good at cast and retrive; I mostly catch fish when I troll with my kayak. I also use mirralure mirromullet. I have other baits but have not used them enough to catch many fish on them. My rods are StCroix and my reels are shimano. Not sure which size the reels are, but they have 10 to 12 lb mono on them. I also have a larger Penn reel which I don't use much. A couple years in a row I was catching a lot of big trout and a few redfish and snook on the flat where I fish, usually in October to December, but for the last couple years the trout have been small. The first thing I need to learn is how to find the fish (and the confidence to know they are there) Then, I think catching them will be the easy part.
  13. Ladyluck, do you fish weekdays or weekends? morning or evening? I have two more weeks of full time work then maybe we could get together some morning.
  14. When and where do you fish?I don't take a lot of time out for fishing, but it is one of my relaxing past times. I usually put my kayak over the sea wall near home and fish Sarasota Bay between Siesta Bridge and Ringling Bridge. I go out after work for a couple hours in the evening or early morning, and lately I haven't been catching much (I think the fish just aren't in the area). I need to broaden my territory and my circle of friends. I am not prejudiced against males (they probably know a little about fishing), but my husband doesn't fish and hanging with females (or a mixed group) makes a lot of sense. I will be working fewer hours in a couple weeks when school starts back up and I am looking forward to putting a little more focus into fishing. So I am wondering if you gals want to get together.
  15. Hobie pedals are great! Plus, they offer the redundancy you need when out by yourself (you can paddle if you have to). One word of caution though. I would not buy a hobie made before about 2007. Check for the twist and stow rudder. The earlier hobie's were not nearly as stable and the pedals were not nearly as indestructible. Plus, the older ones have very little access to the inside of the boat. Or if you do buy an older one then it should be a real steal, not the high asking prices I have seen lately on craigslist. The wheels make it easy to go out alone. The wheels and the layout of the hobie deck sold me on hobie.PS. The newer hobie seats offer good back support. The newer the better.
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