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  1. I've been seeing pictures of guys catching hawg snook on the spoolteks all summer... Def not to cold
  2. Nice! Flounder just can't stay away from you
  3. That's awesome! Bucket list for sure
  4. Awesome! Cool shots too. I bet it was still fun to catch
  5. First time i've been on them like that. I'm definitely spoiled on that now!
  6. Awesome! Lots of fish for the grill. How come you don't target the stripers?
  7. Awesome report! Sounds like a lot of action and a lot of good eats!
  8. It was killer out there. Definitely had a lot of firsts for me. Good meeting you out there!
  9. Jeeze! I'm surprised that didn't come with a saddle on it
  10. Hahaha That's awesome
  11. I got one for free from Publix. Went up to customer services and asked for one lol
  12. Anybody know where I could get a free milk crate for my kayak? Would a grocery store or maybe a gas station have some that they would give for free?
  13. Well that trip turned out to be better than planned!
  14. Wow, what an amazing day. Definitely a day you'll never forget!!
  15. Nice! Looks like you've found them again
  16. That's awesome! I thought about taking my kayak out to Weedon yesterday but I decided to take it to coopers bayou to try something different..
  17. Never seen it... But now I'm curious!
  18. michael ensch


    I understand where he's coming from.. Up north the rules are way strictor. In Washington you can only fish with one pole at a time, but here in Florida, it's a free for all
  19. Awesome! That'll get your heart thumping!
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