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  1. beefhill

    Gheenoe pet project.

    ^^ Thank you, Gary.
  2. beefhill

    Strangest Catch Ever!

    Nice catch!
  3. beefhill

    Gheenoe pet project.

    Is this thing done yet?
  4. beefhill

    I'm Seriously Curious

    You forgot Cody, BA.
  5. beefhill

    Blue Crabs In Lee County

    Andy, obviously you know some of the local landmarks better than ctcap2000.
  6. beefhill

    Blue Crabs In Lee County

    Here is a good spot to start catching crabs in the TB area.... I hope I'm not giving away anybody's special spot.
  7. Tons! You should go and check em out!
  8. beefhill

    Need Some Help If Anyone Can

    Try Uber, Grindr, or Craig's list, might have better luck there.
  9. The last scene in this video still gives me goose bumps. To be as close as we got to schools of tailing redfish this summer was simply amazing. School of Tailing Reds 15 Feet Away!!!:
  10. beefhill

    Green Key Cobia 10/1

    Hell of a catch on a yak! I've yet to see one of those out there, someday, someday...
  11. beefhill

    Bulls On Deck

    Man, nice job! That second picture tho, look at the size of that head!!
  12. beefhill

    I'm Sorry Ms Jackson

    Thanks rip. Yeah the music was chosen wisely. In case you were wondering, the two other songs were from NES's DuckTales and SEGA's Sonic. The musician is Daniel Tidwell, found him on iTunes.
  13. beefhill

    I'm Sorry Ms Jackson

    Thanks gentleman and Pam! Thanks for the advice Soch-done. Check your PM.
  14. beefhill

    Starting Over Again

    Nice Cody. I have a feeling you'll be just fine rippin lips up in the mountains, and pretty soon you'll get on some fatty trout. But for the love of god, please, please don't be content catching three inch browns and rainbows. And like I said, go for those pike!
  15. beefhill

    I'm Sorry Ms Jackson

    I thought I'd 'stir the pot' and post something relevant to what ya'll like. Seems like nobody does that anymore. Tampa Bay Bull Redfish: And one of my favorites.... Me and My Buddy Part 2: