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  1. Can't find a working link to the spreadsheet! I tried to copy & paste the URL & that didn't work either. Did something happen when the site updated?
  2. Thanks to all for your kind, encouraging words! Thanks to Steve for your generous invitation.... sending a PM.
  3. I'd love to accept Steve's generous offer but, for now, I have to decline. I have trouble climbing over the tub to get in the shower so I'm sure getting in & out of the boat would be very difficult. I also believe in splitting expenses when hitching a ride so my disability check would not permit me to do so. Thanks for the offer.... lot of good people on here!
  4. With my favorite rod in hand and my tackle bag on the seat of my walker, I headed out for my first fishing trip since last November! My wife drove us to Eagle Point Park since it would be an easy walk to the small fishing pier. Thankfully, my wife & my son's girlfriend were with me because I managed to leave my knot tying tool at home. Sure enough, I had a snag and had to snap the line. These two ladies followed my verbal instructions to retie my leader and lure. If not for them my trip would have ended after 20 minutes! For now, I'm forced to only fish from shore so if anyone knows of spots that don't require a long walk from the car PLEASE let me know! If you don't want them public, PM me. In two hours of fishing, we got some nibbles but no connections. It was still good to get out again!
  5. I decided on the Lake Products "3-in-1" tool and bought on Ebay for $15.95 with free shipping. Even with my semi-functioning fingers I tied a perfect clinch knot on my first try! I highly recommend it for anyone with arthritic fingers or has trouble tying knots! It has a magnetic hook/lure holder that makes threading easy. On one end is the clinch knot tool and has a blood knot tool on the other.The instruction book explains how to tie over a dozen knots but I'm happy being able to tie my braid to a leader and my hooks/lures on that!
  6. Thanks for your input! I'm definitely going to buy a tool but haven't decided which one. I'm leaning towards the 3-in-1 as it seems easier to use and ties a variety of knots. It is a little more expensive but may be worth it.
  7. Anyone familiar with the"Tie-Fast" and/ or Lake Products' "3 In 1" knot tying tools? I'm SLOWLY regaining some feeling and use of my fingers but not enough to tie my fishing knots. The videos make it look like one of these may make possible for me to do so.
  8. Thanks, Ed. That's what I needed to know. Though I'm still not physically able to get on the water, it's not stopping me from making plans for the day I can. Anyone have experience with the three fishing docks there?
  9. I came across Eagle Point Park while surfing the net. Since I'd never heard of it and it was close by, my wife drove me up there to check it out. They have a few fishing docks as well as a canoe kayak launch featuring an aluminum dock next to a kayak ramp. The launch area is close to the road so launching is easy. My question is, has anyone put out from here and can you get to some good fishing spots?
  10. After buying Wind & Watersports, all the inventory was moved to Gill Dawg's in Port Richey. Can't get much closer to you than that. The people I've dealt with there have been very helpful so if they don't have it they may be able to get it
  11. Yes, Barry & I'm thankful Larry was willing to take over for me. Around Christmas I was diagnosed with Cervical Myelopathy (Google it) & had to undergo emergency surgery to prevent further damage. I'm now in therapy but face a long road. I can only walk short distances with a walker and my hands are almost useless. Just typing this post has been a real chore so you won't be seeing many from me for a while. I can only urge all paddle fishermen (& ladies) to check out this fledgling club and help it grow! I'll be back as soon as I can drive & get around............. Ron
  12. A new paddle fishing club is forming in Port Richey! The meeting will be Thursday, December 11th, 7:00 PM at Gill Dawg's, 5419 Treadway Drive in Port Richey. We're a social club with no dues or officers........................ just people who enjoy paddle fishing! Attend the meeting and make some new fishing buddies! All are welcome and we will be planning a group outing. Need more info? Email me at [email protected] or call (727) 940-3804 and leave a message.
  13. Nice job, Gary! My son & I were thinking about hitting that area tomorrow. Were you fishing from the pier or the boat launch?
  14. Sorry Phil, I wanted this post to stand out. are your eyes worse than mine? LOL!
  15. ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING Sunday, November 16th, 9:30 AM at Gill Dawg's in Port Richey. For directions, go to "www.gilldawg.com" or plug 5419 Treadway Drive into your GPS. All things pertaining to the club will be open for discussion and a vote. This way WE can make the club what WE want it to be! After the meeting, we can launch our yaks and go out fishing for as long as we wish. I'm sure someone on the staff can suggest some spots to target. Any questions? Post them here, message me or email me "[email protected]". Hope to see you there... Ron
  16. I met with Gill Dawg today & I'll be announcing a date very soon. We can do the initial meeting first & go out fishing for as long we want afterwards or we can go out fishing for 3 or 4 hours and have the meeting in the early PM. Any preferences? Stay tuned for all the details...................
  17. LAST CALL!!! I posted this thread here as well as on "paddle-fishing.com". On this forum I see we have 93 "views" so there is some interest. On the other forum, I got 2 firm commitments. It's going to take more than 3 to form a new club so I'm asking for some of you viewers to reply. If any of you are willing to get together on a Saturday Or Sunday AM (please state your preference) we could paddle out for 3 or 4 hours and come back for an organizational meeting. At that meeting we can ALL decide what the club would be. After the meeting, if you're not interested, walk away. If you are interested, maybe we can start something great! If any of you who have viewed this post have even a slight interest, please post here, PM me or email me at "[email protected]". Thanks................. Ron
  18. I think of the Nature Coast being from Pasco County north to the "elbow". If we do form this club, it will be based out of Gill Dawg's in Port Richey. Right now I'm just trying to find if there is enough interest to pursue it further.
  19. For some time now, I've seen some interest in a kayak fishing club in the Nature Coast area. I decided to do something about it and started putting out feelers to local kayak dealers for support. I contacted Wind & Watersports in NPR who referred me to Gill Dawg in Port Richey. It appears that Gill Dawg is in the process of buying Wind & Watersports so, this afternoon, I went to Gill Dawg to check them out. They have quite an operation there... check their website "www.gilldawg.com". They are very interested in hosting a kayak fishing club so now it's up to us. Is there really enough interest to form a new club? If you are interested, please post here or PM me. I'm new to yaking so, hopefully, some veterans will step up & help with some leadership. If enough interest is shown, I'll arrange an outing on a Saturday or Sunday morning (please state your preference) followed by an organizational meeting.
  20. Is there anyone out there familiar with the J4000 camera who would be willing to answer some questions?
  21. I like the idea of having myself in the picture but am unsure how to snap the photo. On another thread, a J4000 camera is mentioned that runs $85! Do you run the camera in video mode then extract the stills from it? I'm sure I can mount the camera so I can be in the view but not sure how to proceed after that.
  22. OK, If I were to mount a J4000 on my yak, how do I take photos of my catch? Is there a remote shutter activation?
  23. Hey Todd, I looked at the J2000 on Amazon & one picture shows all kinds of mounts & accessories. Are ALL these included?
  24. Can some of you supply me with Model #'s so I can research prices? Would really appreciate it......
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