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  1. skinnyhoops

    Shark bait

    shark bait is pretty easy to come by. You already know what sharks like to eat, so thats good. Mullet can be purchased live or frozen from bait shops. You can also get a castnet and get your own, but throwing a castnet takes practice. During fall mullet run they are much easier to obtain at night around lights where they school. I've heard of people catching them with hook and line, but I've never personally witnessed this. Castnet or baitshop will be your best options for MulletLadyfish are one of those fish that are easier to see at night. Look for splashes in the water near lights. Just throw a live shrimp out there where they are busting on the water surface. When you hook a ladyfish you'll know, they will zip left to right and make several jumps out of the water as they shake their heads. 7 times out of 10 they will spit the hook while they leap out of the water. Ladyfish also love to chase lures, just keep the lure moving and make it look like an injured baitfish. You don't want to muscle them in as they have soft mouths that tear easy during the fight. So just keep good tension on the line, let them do their dance and when they're tired you can usually bring them in.Jacks are great shark bait but can be hard to obtain when you want it. Usually I'll catch one accidently and just throw it in the freezer whole. Jacks swim in schools so when you catch one, you'll probably get another. Live shrimp works, but I found live finger mullet fished on the bottom works even better. I don't catch very many Jacks at night, so this is a daytime fish. I've never used stingray or mackeral for shark bait either so I can't help ya on those. I will say that my two favorite shark baits are ladyfish and jack. Good luck to you man
  2. skinnyhoops

    Beach Fishing 5-26-14

    Nice flattie Andy! :thumbsup:
  3. skinnyhoops

    Venice South Jetty. It's about time.

    Woo hooooo this report actually makes me feel so much better....I was honestly getting discouraged a little bit since I'm headed to Venice on Monday, which is when a cold front moves through. The whole idea was to go there and hitup the beaches for fishing and shark teeth hunting. I'll be there for 3-4 days, and as soon as I leave it'll warm up LOL Tuesday and Wednesday will be pretty cold, high low 62/44 degrees (says Weather Channel). At least it's suppose to be sunny out so maybe that will help. I'm curious, are your local tv stations predicting similar temperatures for Tuesday/Wednesday next week? Aiming towards the Venice area. The Weather Channel just seems like they're full of crap, so I just want to see what the local guys think lol. Thanks guys, you already been a big help with all the advice so far.
  4. definitly can't work a soft jig in that crazy surf. I hope things settle down before monday, we're visiting venice for 3 nights next week. Bringing my son with me to dominate the sharks teeth hunt lol. Already coming prepared with sand flea rakes. Looks like Manasota Key has some potential too, not too far of a drive from Vence either. And I don't goto the beach without a fishing pole anymore. If the surf is that bad though, I'll just have to toss some heavy leads like silly willies. I can't wait to try those! I bought some online and I've never seen anyone use them on the East coast. Andy, btw, how's the water temp out on the beach ?
  5. skinnyhoops

    For the Venice area guys

    did you happen to notice any red tide symptoms when you were there? like dead fish, coughing, etc...I just got an email report and surf looking pretty choppy, wonder if that will stir it up a little. just wondering man, me and my son have a trip to venice scheduled march 25-28. I don't think the red tide will be gone by then but hoping it's at least pushed further out in the ocean or away from you guys. I'm just more worried about the respiratory issue than anything. First time to Venice and really lookin forward to it.
  6. skinnyhoops

    Good news for Venice jetty

    I'll find time for the Venice south jetty in the morning for sure, maybe even try it right before sunset too. In the meantime, I have a couple months to research the fishing over there. I'd also like to take a half day trip to the Sunshine Skyway too. But most of our time will be on the beach, venice pier, and south jetty. :)Thats cool that you give shark teeth to the kids. And thanks for the tip on beach flounder, will definitly bring a rod out to Caspersen.
  7. skinnyhoops

    Good news for Venice jetty

    Glad to hear the RT may be dissipating for now...i just hope it goes away before our 3-night trip to Venice at the end of March. My son and I have never been there, he's only 8 years old so I thought it would be cool for him to find shark teeth. Will definitly visit Caspersen beach from what I hear the odds are better with the darker sand. Something we rarely find on the Atlantic coast, if at all. I live about an hour from the FL east coast, so I usually fish New Smyrna and Port Orange areas. At the moment we're seeing an extraordinary run of small bluefish. They are everywhere!