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  1. I know there's some big snook north of there that people can target from reports I've seen. That's sure a lucky catch and beautiful Nature Coast snook!
  2. What did you think tastewise of your first keeper cobia?
  3. superjox


    I know the feeling. This semester of grad school at UF has been kicking my butt and I barely get to see the sunlight haha
  4. Wait isn't this the Delores who mentioned not to long ago that she didnt use lures? Ozello is a cool place. I remember going there on my birthday with Paul and he got the smaller fish but still got a slam with a small snook.
  5. awesome catch! you'll see them that size in shallow water and they pull really well
  6. Right???? Overly expensive for what they are imo
  7. I think they actually spawn offshore in huge schools but I don't know how far out exactly. Just like tarpon from what I know
  8. If you try sunwest park or whatever please let us know how it is
  9. dang your memory is good. +10 brownie points. As far as I know, the only launch I know is that one next to Norfleet at that store like you mentioned. There might be a possible launch around Indian Bay but I'm not confident. Look up Sunwest park I think. I hear its nice and could be a possible new ramp into Fillman's bayou. Good luck!
  10. just because it's "loaded with fish" doesn't mean its the right fish haha. It contains a lot of fish at the right times of year. I've seen some decent jack schooled up in there along with snapper. Go to Roger's park and ask. It's right there. There are usually a lot of manatees and PEOPLE too. There's snook all up in the Weeki Wachee but they're very hard to target, Good luck
  11. It's a mangrove snapper. 10 inches to keep
  12. I recently got my stepdad onto topwater lures as well. He's been fishing cut bait and shrimp inshore ever since he moved to the Nature Coast area. The other week or so he caught a really big red (for our area lol) on one and this past week he caught his first nature coast snook. He was the happiest clam in the sea. My favorite lures are topwaters and I often have trouble using others, I''ve never done well with soft plastics or the like. I guess its tough to beat the satisfaction of the blowup
  13. I have to agree that Paul makes a great cheerleader
  14. If anyone knows of a good launch in Chazz. thats not the beginning of the river I'd like to know
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