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  1. ladyj

    Who's rear end is this?

    Those stickers are from some time ago, we may get more for another event. Barry you are correct that is definitely not your Civic....lol
  2. ladyj

    Who's rear end is this?

    I was on my way to school yesterday and got behind a car with The Online Fisherman Sticker on it and a kayak that had fish sticker that said "REEL LIFE" ..... who might you be?
  3. ladyj

    Happy Birthday Sideshow

    Happy Birthday.... <3
  4. Love the shirts! They fit great and very comfy. My son's girlfriend like's the one we got her to the point, I believe it has almost become a permanent part of her body ..... lol
  5. ladyj

    Got my first Cobia!

    It definitely put up a nice fight... At first I thought it was a shark.
  6. Marshil and I went fishing Friday and toward the end of the trip I got my first Cobia..... 3 inches to small.
  7. ladyj

    A little disappointed

    Not sure who it was... dont know anyone there, and not your fault. Just wish people cared more about cutomer service and if you are not happy with what you do then dont make others feel that also, find something that works with you.
  8. ladyj

    A little disappointed

    I called Tampa Fishing Outfitters today and was kind of disappointed... The first call I made was just asking what time the place closed.. a young gentleman answered the phone and informed me of the time, nothing special... I called a second time because I was inquiring about something that was going to possibly be held there for me, an older man answered the phone and did not seem very pleasant, as if he didn't want to be there... I passed it off because everyone has a bad day right? Well I asked if captain David R was there or going to be there and when I asked, the man seemed very upset that I could ask such a thing and proceeded with "He left awhile ago and is not coming back, so you might want to try his store in Tarpon!" and with a snotty tone well... Do you want the number? After that I did not want to both the man and I would reach him in another fashion. I understand people have bad days and all but, UN friendly Customer service is a HUGE no no in my book. I did not feel like a welcomed person or customer. I am not saying I will never recommend people to shop there, but maybe a customer service class or better employees be beneficial in this case.
  9. ladyj


    Thank you for the welcome and I defiantly agree we need the warmer weather!
  10. ladyj


    Thank you ... I had a great time the past couple days!!
  11. ladyj

    Finally made the jump....

    Welcome to the site.... Love the massive snook!
  12. ladyj


    Yes you may reveal my secret name.....lol