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  1. redsnook625

    Crab Or Fly Patterns For Sheepsheads?

    Hey sorry to see noone replied to this thread previously. I typicall use size 8 sliders in tan or olive, size 8 e.p crab flies, or size 8 sili leg gotcha flies for sheepshead. Hope its not too late for ya.
  2. I have a 7' falcon lowrider salt Heavy action 15-25lb for sale. Rod is in great shape and hasnt been abused. I have had the rod for quite some time but havent fished it too much. The rod just isnt suiting for the application i needed it for. Im asking $120, but will condider other offers (please no trades) Pics dont seem to want to upload so text me if you are interested and i can send pictures.
  3. redsnook625

    Dock Light Shenanigans!

    Thanks guys! dock lights have been a blast this summer. crboggs, get on it man!
  4. redsnook625

    Dock Light Shenanigans!

    So i see Robbie hasn't post any of the photos of our dock light wreckage this summer! so pretty much...we have decimated some lights lately, well....for the past few months haha!! I'm pretty sure we have lost count of how many fish we have landed or lost. needless to say the dock lights have been on fire recently. well at least they been for us over in B.F.E! from double hook ups, to some epic trout sets that would put the guys in the bass master classic to shame! you'll have to wait for Robbie to post his pics up!
  5. redsnook625

    Equipment Help: Loosing My Casting Distance

    there are quite a number of things that could be affecting it. 1. you do not have enough line on the spool 2. you are using too thick or improper line diameter in accordance to the rod. 3.you may have some scratches or or indentations on the spool lip 4. you are using an improper reel, with an improper spool lip that is not designed for braided line (yes it matters!!!) 5. you are casting too light or too heavy of weight/or lure weight in accordance to the rods recommended weight (this is actually very crucial) a lot of people get the wrong idea about reels/line/and rod weights. mostly because of how they are marketed. or from what people tell them due to lack of knowledge. i personally will not agree with it being due to "old" braided line (however if it was monofilament, since it has a "coil memory" it would afect it), the only thing that is truly affected when a braided line gets old is structural integrity (i.e line strength, and knot integrity)
  6. redsnook625

    Knots And Super Glue.

    I would stay away from super glue when you want to smooth out a knot or make it "more secure". super glue tends to "kraze" and will end up burning your leader and or knot, this will weaken the knot and the leader to a lower breaking strength, learn to tie slimmer knots and slim down on your leader length as well. there is no need for super glue with good knots. there is a modified albright knot, and a modified way to tie the FG knot. i mean honestly what is a couple extra seconds out of your fishing to tie a really good quality knot? are you really willing to sacrifice knot strenght over something that is "easy" to tie?
  7. I have been a part of this forum for quite some time now, I may not be as active as i use to be or as much as i would like to but from time to time i log in and put my two cents in where i feel some one could use the help, or just when i feel like butting in haha. From reading recent posts on the forum on how to go about learning to fly fish, i would like to inform you all of how to go about it. there are a handful of ways that one can learn how to fly fish/fly cast, one of which is the internet. there are tons of videos out now that you can watch and try to grasp the concept of the cast, however i do not recommend this because of how easy it is to pick up bad habits. believe it or not there are tons of wrong ways to cast. If you are going to watch Via youtube look up these channels, there are probably some of the better ones i have come across; "bumcast" and "orvis". my other suggestions to you would be to get a casting lesson from someone, a guide, or someone who is a "certified" casting instructor. these are the most effective ways on how to learn to cast but some of them can cost you up to 60$ an hour. there are also "fly fishing schools" offered by some outfitters across the state, that teach you everything hands on (dont ask who, cant remember) but they will also cost you a good chunk of change due to the fact that most of these classes also include a guided fishing trip (don't quote me on that haha) lastly i will inform you guys that there is a full service fly shop in pinellas park, that does a free casting class called Bill Jackson's, Currently i am the lead instructor for the casting class and we hold the classes every Saturday (pending weather, and other miscellaneous mishaps) at 10:00 a.m until 11:30 a.m, sometimes it will lay over until noon. The best part about the class is that it's free!! the only down side to this is that i am limiting my classes to six people per class until further notice. do you have your own gear? if not no worries we supply rods and reels for the class, however if you do have your own, it is highly suggested that you learn on the gear you plan on fishing with. we also offer Private casting lessons for those of you who want a little more hands on teaching, these classes run 50$ an hour if you are interested. If you happen to be interested in the private casting lessons, and have never fly fished before or have minimal experience I would recommend that you take the free class first and then take some private lessons. doing so will make your money go a lot further, and you will know what your getting into before hand. if you have any questions about this feel free to call the shop, and ask For Cody. thanks for reading! Bill Jacksons (727) 576 - 4169 Happy hunting!
  8. redsnook625

    Bill Jacksons Hiring!

    Hey guys/Gals, Topic says it all! I am currently looking to hire a full time, or part time employee to work back in the fishing department at Bill Jackson's. we are looking for someone knowledgeable enough in the fly fishing side of things. if you are confident that your are knowledgeable in saltwater fly fishing, energetic with a great attitude, and also enjoy a fast paced work environment, come on in and apply. Our Niche in the industry is primarily saltwater fly fishing and light tackle inshore fishing, however we do cater to some freshwater fly fishing too. We are a DRUG FREE workplace. we are looking to fill this position A.S.A.P. Bill Jacksons 9501 u.s 19 north, pinellas park, florida 33782 (727) 576 - 4169
  9. redsnook625


    Davis if you need some help with your casting, or learning how to cast, come down to Bill Jackson's in pinellas park, i do a free casting class on saturdays at 10 a.m. and also do private lessons. but i recommend the free ones first then private ones (if you so choose) that way your money will take you farther.
  10. redsnook625

    Snook The Day After Season Closed

    Nice fish! always a fun battle. next time you land a snook you should take better care of it if it is being released holding fish with that much weight will essentially pull its entire spine out of place, and also damages internal organs. you need to hold them in the water by the lower lip and support the stomach before taking it out of the water
  11. redsnook625

    This Will Be Fun

    Hey FishinChick you know bill jacksons does free fly casting class on saturdays, you guys could call and reserve the class
  12. redsnook625

    Smith Optics Chroma Pop

    Smith doesnt do glass lenses from what i have read. And they are grey/green.
  13. Selling a pair of pretty much a brand new pair of smith optics chromapops. frame is the dragstrip and the lense is grey green chromapop. $160 O.B.O I have had them for about 2 weeks now, thought i was going to like them for friving etc, but they just dont do it for me
  14. redsnook625

    7'6 Shimano Terramar

    sorry guys couldn't figure out how to rid the post. the rod has SOLD. thank you
  15. redsnook625

    7'6 Shimano Terramar

    Pic didnt upload before