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  1. called in sick

    A License Not To Board

    I have a friend who knows a guy who owns a 39 ft boat. The boat is more like a sports fishing yacht. This guy is claiming he has a license that if ANY law enforcement comes to his boat that all he to do, is show him the license and they can not board his boat. Has anybody ever heard of such a license? I called it BS
  2. called in sick

    My Son Putting Monsters On Deck....

    Congrats guys. Your son did great! way to go young man!!! Way to go dad, this is something he is going to remember for a long time. You a have a good connection with your son . Keep it up.
  3. called in sick

    Limited Out On Mackerel Today

    congrats, wish I could of been with you. What a great day to be on the water!
  4. called in sick

    20151127 - Thanksgiving First...

    Way to go dad!!!! A day either of you will for get. A big thumbs up to your daughter for her red. Was that her first red? I had a very similar day with my daughter about a month ago. It made me a proud dad. I know how you feel. A big congratulations to dad and daughter.
  5. called in sick

    King's And Mack's / The Fall Bite Is On

    It was a great day. Thank you Lloyd. Lloyd for got to say it was his first King and my first king got away even though it was bigger than Lloyds. He also for got to say how I gave him a belated b-day gift this morning that was a gaf. If it wasn't for the new gaf , we wouldn't have had a way to get the King in the boat. Congratulation Lloyd on your first KING!
  6. called in sick

    Raymarine Dragonfly Gps/fish Finder

    I just recently bought a Raymarine GPS/Fishfinder. Everything went well with the installation. I am having a lot of problems with the software. I thought I did the download correctly but my GPS screen show a block type shoreline. Not in any kind of definition at all. The screen does not show the depth of the water charts either. If you know any thing about fixing this problem I would really appreciate the help. Thank you Brad
  7. called in sick


    My B-day just past and my dad gave me a very nice cast net. I am looking for a place I can use it from shore or land. I So my question is Where can I use it? Thank you
  8. called in sick

    Still Can't Get Them To The Boat

    deflate gate on the second pic.What kind of lure is that in the second pic?
  9. called in sick

    Redfish Mania

    Sweet! Those are some monsters. Any measurements? I also fish with Z man but never the golden boy color. I think I will give it a try.
  10. called in sick

    I,m A Proud/happy Dad

    I would like to out a huge thanks to Lloyd for taking us.
  11. called in sick

    Red Fishing The Fort

    Way to go. The fort is loaded with over slot reds. Caught my largest there at 36". Keep an eye out for some guys keeping the over slot reds.
  12. called in sick

    I,m A Proud/happy Dad

    Lloyd and I took my daughter fishing today. The day started pretty quick with getting some Thread fins for bait then soon after that the Mac attack started! My Daughter(Shannon) caught the first one and then schooled Lloyd and I by catching the most Macs. She never experienced the drag screaming like it does when a large Mac hits. When we had are share of Macs we went and tried for some Reds. WELL!!!! Shannon caught the only Red!!! It was also her first RED a 20" fatty. She was so happy and so was I. A day I will never for get! can some mod please fix the last pic. thank you
  13. called in sick

    Happy Birthday Barbra

    Went fishing with my dad and his wife behind AMI on the date of 10/9 and ONLY the birthday girl brought home diner. A fat 24" red. This was actually her first keeper red also. Happy birthday Barb.
  14. called in sick

    Fall Mackerel Run Has Begun

    Congrats on a great day of fishing. That mac is huge!
  15. called in sick

    It;s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Winter

    Great catch. . You finally gave up the DOA glow shrimp?