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  1. icatcher22

    Good Cold Water Snook Fishing

    You actually will not want to wear your waders kayaking docks at night. To deep of water. If you end up out of the yak for some reason good luck. Waders fill - cold water - see ya later.
  2. icatcher22

    Fs 2005 Sea Pro Sv1900Cc

    Bump for a good west coast starter boat w/ 4s yami. A little wire clean up and could make this boat look pretty.
  3. icatcher22

    Best Of 2014

    Coming in 8th during the 2014 Salty Fly. First year of fishing the tournament and did it on kayaks with RawDaws. Maybe not best catches but deff most exciting.
  4. icatcher22

    Grouper Fishing

    30lb to 50lb mono - 4 to 8ounce lead - uni to uni knot keep weight from sliding down - 6-8ft 60lb flouro - 6/0 circle hook. Some people use swivel instead of knot I just like to keep as much terminal tackle out of water as possible.
  5. icatcher22

    Couple New Additions To The Arsenal!

    Did you win the lottery or something? Go from sea fox to Stella's and a Shaeffer...well done
  6. Solid shell key red. I think I got more sea sick watching that video then I have/will ever get on the water.
  7. icatcher22

    My new baby!

    That thing belongs on leather seats.
  8. icatcher22


    The lure to catch a trout is different than the lure to catch a grouper. So is the reel and rod.Hire a guide.
  9. icatcher22

    Redfish at Weedon

    I'm not saying it's right to let tournament guys do it and not everyone else but it's what the law say.
  10. icatcher22

    Redfish at Weedon

    Well done.Just FYI - right or wrong you can only cull fish in a tournament.
  11. icatcher22

    Egmont crab run?

    yes..if you are thinking about netting to try and jump a late season tarpon - net them away from the drift you will be making.
  12. icatcher22

    Ohero Fishing - NEW Trident Hooks

    How do you chemically sharpen a hook?
  13. icatcher22

    Happy Redfish

    Agreed that's why I fly fish.I was referencing the fish having large amts of blue crab in his stomach...and using them for bait It's more of a hunt when you're on the flats. You see the fish' date=' pitch your bait as quietly as possible and hope it gives a positive reaction. It's a very rewarding experience for me' date=' and I love it :thumbsup:[/quote'']
  14. icatcher22

    Happy Redfish

    I fish docks that I know hold reds w/ live blue crab. Bite is usually fast.Never had much luck on live blue crab on flats. Only cut in 4ths.
  15. icatcher22

    Cast net review

    Always good to give credit where credit is due...Ordered a custom Tim Wade net earlier this summer based on my continued struggles netting threads in deeper water. I called Tim - explained where and exactly what I am looking for in a net as well as my ability and willingness to throw x amount of weight. 2 weeks later a net showed up at my door. Mind you I called him during the process to check on time frame and each time he answered and gave me eta immediately. Called him after to talk about net care and should I soak in fabric softener to loosen etc etc. he answers and is willing to talk every time.I ordered a custom 12ft net with extra lead per foot and it ran me just over $200. The comparable black pearl goes just over $300. Great guy to deal with and the net works!! Loaded well w/ threads at skyway this weekend w/ tide moving in 15-18ft of water.Someone I would and will give my business to going forward.