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  1. Thanks....... I have an old hound who is about as peculiar as me. I have to find the right person.
  2. Im really hoping to attend, I lost my doggy sitter, so if I find a doggy sitter I trust, its on like Donky Kong. Anywhere you guys want to go.
  3. The food and camaraderie were great, fishing was tough due to winds. I kinda like the idea of Florida City in case I lose my Huggie and need to buy another one. Unless I find it......its around this place somewhere.....
  4. bigduke


    Great!!! Super Pics
  5. I need to pick up some wild shiners to fish down around Naples for Bass. Anybody know any shops down there that sell them? The one I use to go to seems to have closed. Thanks for the help.
  6. bigduke


    Great it looks like they are moving south. Thanks for the report. Hope you get him next time.
  7. $90.00 I have a Penn Battle II 2500 and a Quantum Accurist 20 both lightly used no more than 6 times and treated like I do all my gear obsessively well. They are already spun up with power pro and ready to go. So basically you will be getting about 80 bucks off these two reels together new with braid. I still have the boxes with them.
  8. How bad are the gators in there? Would you fish the canal in a Kayak?
  9. Im faster than my friends with electric knives. I think they are a great tool though. I have some older friends whom elecrtic knives do great, just not for me. Never saw one in a fish house, and that probably says it all. Good for grunts and sheapshead.
  10. bigduke


    Looks like fun Lady Luck what a great opportunity you had. On another note hopefully this storm will start the Kings moving.
  11. bigduke


    I'm planning on entering the inner tube division wearing shower shoes, a thong and a light coat of oil.
  12. bigduke


    Is there a Kayak Division this year?
  13. bigduke


    On another note anyone getting in the Old Salts Kingfish Tournament?
  14. For an independent review of filet knives search up Filet Knife Guide.com It gives you the top ten for 2015. I couldn't link the site.
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