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    Awesome report! Good seeing you out there. You had a better day then me. Was the water dirty at the area you was at? It was very dirty where I was fishing.
  2. Beast snook! Your catches are getting more and more impressive with the fly rod.
  3. Most people prefer not to drill holes in there kayak. It could cause problems down the road. If you decide to remove the items the holes will still exist. There's also drill less anchor trolley and other DIY on youtube. I personally drilled 2 anchor trolley into my kayak. It looks more clean and flush. Your native dealer gave you the correct instructions. Make sure it's above the water line, seal with silicone or marine goop and always use stainless steel nuts/washers.
  4. Good job on the fly rod. I'm sure it was rewarding.
  5. I agree, I had my Wang anchor with me that day but I was fishing in deeper water.
  6. Thanks for the tip pickgrin and thank you Alex for posting up the video. Ron and Alex are providing some useful info. That's the same exact way I use the monster 3X. Im using a go pro monopod mount for my footages.
  7. Thanks! Monster 3X is a must have in your arsenal. It flat out produces. I'm rigging it with the MF jig heads.
  8. Hey TOF. This is my first report, my name is Teng. I wanted to contribute to this awesome site. Went out Friday morning for the outgoing tide and manage to land a 36.5" snook on the monster 3X shrimp in moss green. I was done fishing by 10:00am and headed back to the ramp. That's when I bumped into Alex. We exchanged some useful tips about the 4th Street area. It was nice meeting you Alex, thank you for sharing your knowledge.
  9. Beast! Awesome catch!Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N900A using Tapatalk
  10. The head mount is a good solution if you want a first person view. There's plenty of DIY monopod camera mounts for kayak on YouTube if you want a 2nd or 3rd person point of view. Yak attack, austinyak and hook1 also sell monopods but they're mostly go pro compatible. Here's one that I chose from youtube.
  11. Look into the Jackson kayak BIG RIG if you want to stand and fish. This boat is supper stable standing at 37" wide. It comes with a factory equip H bar/stand assist bar for leaning. The BIG RIG is factory rigged with 2 RAM tube rod holders, 5 YAK ATTACK gear tracks, GO PRO camera mount and POWER POLE MICRO ready, high/low seating with lumbar back support, 2 Plano box and a Jackson Kayak water bottle. Also Made in the USA.
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