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  1. Hello! It has been at least a year since i have been on here, or been fishing. 2 year old son and another little girl on the way leaves very little time for anything else. My wife and i are renting a 22ft center console from tierra verde next Sunday morning to finally get our fishing fix in. How has the fishing been around the skyway recently? We are open to anything other than shallow flats, as the boat is not the best for that. I was thinking we would hit up the skyway area or head offshore a couple miles. It has been so long I dont even remember what we can be targeting this time of year. We have gear for pretty much any fish, just need to narrow it down so i dont bring 20 different setups with us. Any kings around? Tarpon?
  2. Hi guys, It's been a while! Life has been busy, haven't fished in a year. I am selling one of our vehicles- need to buy a car with better gas mileage as my commute is now 45 miles each way. Call or text me with questions 561-271-3016. I''ll give the best deal I can to a TOF member. $19,999 2014 Escape SE with 14k miles 2.0 L Turbo Loaded will all of the options the titanium has other than Navigation Black leather trim interior MyFord Touch touchscreen Voice activated media center and climate controls Dual climate control Power lift gate Backup camera Proximity sensors Bluetooth Premium sound Keyless keypad entry Ford Chome Package with 19" wheels and roof rack This car is like new, not a scratch on it. We are original owners, drove it off the lot last August. Still under warranty (3 year 36k bumper to bumper, 5 year 60k power train ). The car will be at my office in St Petersburg during the day and at our house in West Meadows (new Tampa) in the evenings. Here is the KBB Report: Engine ✓ 4-Cyl, EcoBoost, 2.0L Transmission Auto, 6-Spd w/SelShft Drivetrain ✓ 2WD Accessory Packages ✓ Power Liftgate Release Braking and Traction Traction Control AdvanceTrac ABS (4-Wheel) Comfort and Convenience Keyless Entry Air Conditioning Power Windows Power Door Locks Cruise Control Steering Power Steering Tilt & Telescoping Wheel Entertainment and Instrumentation AM/FM Stereo MP3 (Single Disc) SiriusXM Satellite MyFord SYNC Safety and Security ✓ Parking Sensors Backup Camera Dual Air Bags Side Air Bags F&R Head Curtain Air Bags Seats Power Seat ✓ Leather Roof and Glass Privacy Glass Exterior Rear Spoiler Cargo and Towing ✓ Roof Rack Wheels and Tires ✓ Premium Wheels Exterior Color ✓ White $19,961 KBB Private Party Value
  3. Hey guys, I apologize if this topic has come up already, I haven't been on here in a while. Has anyone heard of this new company coastalyfe? The claim to be the new über /lyft for boats in this area. It sounds like a cool idea in some ways, but a horrible idea in others. I asked them how they can do this legally if the coast guard requires you to have a captains license if you are making money on the boat, and they wouldn't give me a straight answer. They said they are in contact with the coast guard and have an understanding. I would personally want more details before using the service as a consumer or a driver. What are your thoughts on it?
  4. scotttennant9876

    King Mackerel

    Thanks Barry. I will do my best to get on here more regularly. I went fishing for the first time in months over the weekend off the seawall at vinoy park. Got skunked but man it was nice to be out there.
  5. scotttennant9876

    King Mackerel

    Trolling is going to be the fastest way to cover a lot of ground obviously, but if you find some bird/bait activity, i would post up with some live baits. I've never been a big fan of trolling personally.
  6. scotttennant9876

    King Mackerel

    Well, I have been missing from the forum for a few months (our son was born November 4th, and I haven't had time to do anything other than work and watch him). Gary posted a link on FB to the site, so I thought I'd come back on. Glad I did...I love catching Kings! Kings are a lot of fun to catch, and fairly easy in my opinion. Live blue runners are the perfect bait, but they will eat small spanish mackerel as well. Definitely need a wire leader, the "stinger rigs" you see at bait shops are made for kings. You need to have plenty of line, especially fishing from shore/pier. I know one of Capt Billy's clients got one offshore in the last week, which means they will be moving in closer soon if not already. The easiest place to catch them is probably the skyway. I would keep fishing for spanish, when you get a little one, or a blue runner, throw it on a stinger rig and let it soak with the drag loose. You'll know when you hook one. Here is a cool video of my wife catching her first king off our boat a few miles off egmont. I believe we were using threadfins Good luck!!
  7. scotttennant9876

    Will Trade Charter For Go Pro

    I know it's an older model but it has most of the same features and is almost brand new. I might be interested in a trade
  8. scotttennant9876

    Will Trade Charter For Go Pro

    I have a hero 2 outdoor edition basically new. Just posted an ad for it. Text me 561-271-3016.
  9. GoPRO Hero 2 Outdoor Edition with 7 different mounting options and 32gb sd card. Comes with original packaging as well. Like new condition. All of the adhesive mounts still have stickers on them and haven't ever been used. Only ever used the head mount. I have shot 3 videos with this camera. Sold the boat, had a baby, it's been sitting in the box for 6 months. Works perfectly. Looks brand new. $130 Obo. Listed for $150 elsewhere but TOF guys always get a bit of a price break. Text me 561-271-3016. I don't come on here often anymore unfortunately. Thanks, Scott Tennant.
  10. SOLD! Thanks Phil, it really is a badass reel. I ended up trading it for a nice tactical style 12 gauge, a falcon bucoo and a fierce 2000. The gun alone was worth more than the combo, so i think I did pretty well.
  11. Hey guys, its been a while! My son was born Nov 4th, and I am going through some of my stuff, making room for toys. LOL. I have a brand new Saltist 4500H on a Redbone Xtra Heavy action 25-40. I got it to use for tarpon this past season, and circumstances kept me from even putting line on it. It has been hanging in my storage room (air conditioned) since I bought it. Anyway, I don't see myself going tarpon hunting anytime soon, and if I do I have plenty of less expensive combos to pull out, so I thought I would try to sell it or trade it. Looking for $295 cash, or trade for a nice boomstick. (either a 12 or 20 gauge tactical style, or a decent pistol, no .22s please) I don't get on here often, so text me if you have any interest 561-271-3016
  12. scotttennant9876

    My new baby!

    I've got a NICE Shakespeare Tiger 2 piece that would look SICK paired up with that. Used a few times by guests on my old boat and as a bait rod. Spent quite a bit of time un-rinsed with tight drag pulling the tip over while stored, I think I ran it over once also. Has a bit of overspray on it from when I painted something in my garage and didn't move that rod... I would let it go for $350 for a TOF member.LET ME KNOW!!Here's a link so you can see what it looks like. The combo is listed at $18.77 for some reason, must be a mistake. Decimal in the wrong spot. It is probably $1877.00http://www.walmart.com/ip/Shakespeare-Tiger-7-0-2-Piece-Spinning-Combo/33588644
  13. scotttennant9876

    need legal/lawyer referral and advice

    I had to break a lease for similar reasons when I lived in Lake Worth at Esperanza apartments. Two people were stabbed 10 ft from my front door within 2 weeks of each other, a lady intentionally ran over her husband with their car while he was holding their baby, and the apartment next to mine was raided by SWAT. Gun shots could be heard every night. I went into the leasing office and they started to tell me I was going to owe them $3,000 + lose my $1,000 deposit. I got in touch with the CEO of the management company that owned the property and detailed all of the events that had taken place so close to my home, and said that I truly feared for my safety. I said that I didn't want to leave, but I didn't know what to do, and considered calling one of the local news stations to do a story in order to get increased police presence to make the neighborhood safer for the families that lived there. As soon as he heard me mention the news he said I could move out without being charged for breaking the lease. I got my deposit back also. I don't think you will have any problem getting out of the lease if your lawyer plays it right.
  14. scotttennant9876

    Upper Tampa Tarpon, Reds, and Bulls.

    I've got a Daiwa Saltist 4500h on a 7 ft Redbone xtra hvy. A little over $100 but from what I have been told it is a fantastic tarpon set up. The sad thing is- I haven't even put line on it yet and I've had it since November. I really need to go fishing...looks like I am going to miss this whole tarpon season. On the plus side- it is still nice and shiny.
  15. scotttennant9876

    For Sale- (Maybe) 2001 Gheenoe 15'4 Highsider

    PRICE REDUCED- no longer a maybe- definitely selling it now.Listed for $1950 on CL, TOF members with 50 or more posts can buy it for $1600- not $1600 obo, but $1600.Call or text me, I dont check TOF as often as i'd like anymore561-271-3016