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  1. subsea01

    It's That Time Of Year Again.

    That looks great Andy!!
  2. subsea01

    No Fishing Today.

    That looks delicious.
  3. subsea01

    Tailing Reds

    I've saw videos of them tailing offshore. They are just chilling out.
  4. I got a limit of Red grouper offshore on Thursday. Some nice ones. Tried for some gags in the channel but by the time we got there the tide was really ripping and it was hard to fish.
  5. subsea01

    Moms Late Mothers Day Trip

    That's nice. I am sure she enjoyed it. My mom loves fishing too.
  6. subsea01

    Registering Boat

    I would try that but since he wrote the price on the title it may not be enough to convince them.
  7. subsea01

    New Whip

    Nice Ron.
  8. subsea01

    Wind Blows...

    We were out Tuesday. It was bad but we caught some fish. Heading out tomorrow too. It sucks but can't wait on it, just gotta go.
  9. subsea01

    It's Almost Here!

    It seems like it will never get here. Ready to get em for sure.
  10. subsea01

    Grouper Eats Lionfish!

    Saw that yesterday. Doesn't look like that is the first Lionfish he has had for dinner.
  11. subsea01

    Hello From Tampa Bay

    Welcome to the forum!!
  12. subsea01

    Tb Dock Lights

    Sucks you lost one. I see a lot of reports about fog. Guess it's a good thing I am in Brazil. Hate being out when it's really foggy and I would be if I was home.