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  1. pjtaft

    My FL. Friends

    color don't matter as long as it's not empty!!
  2. Good Evening, I am trying to put together a Father Son fishing trip for the youth group at our church, funds may be an issue for some of the people, so I am asking for your thoughts on budget friendly party boats,. any ideas would be appreciated! Thank You, Patrick
  3. pjtaft

    Lionfish !

    Good Morning, just passing along some info that i got from FWC yesterday, Next weekend, May 13-15, there are Lionfish Derbies and such all over the state. there is one in the St. Pete area. http://reefrangers.com/event-info/statewide-events/ just sharing.
  4. pjtaft

    Fishing Supply Liquidators ?

    no doubt Phil030, but I live in Lakeland, and usually head towards St. pete. so it's not practical to drive to Oldsmar.
  5. pjtaft

    Fishing Supply Liquidators ?

    ok,. so not worth driving past SE to go there. maybe if I happen to be in the area,.. Thank You!!
  6. pjtaft

    Fishing Supply Liquidators ?

    Thanks Folks,. guess i'll have to take a drive,. been to southeastern. good folks.
  7. I keep seeing ads in Craigslist for this place, Fishing Supply liquidators at the Oldsmar Flea Market. the ad shows some really cheap prices and a lot of giveaways,.. just figured that I would see if anyone has firsthand info before I drive in from Lakeland. Thank You for the feedback Patrick
  8. pjtaft

    I Need Some Help Please

    Bill Jackson's had demo day on Saturday (My son and I went after the St Pete Expo), they are having a big sale this Saturday coming up. they have some Blemished, demos, and a trade in or two it seemed like,. staff is great.
  9. pjtaft

    Cleaning Rods And Reel From Saltwater

    luckily this was a cheap spinning reel,. so when I broke it down to clean deep,. there wasn't any evidence of saltwater inside the housing at all, cleaned the spool, wiped down, light oil,. and all appears good! definitely a lesson learned moving forward. hopefully we'll win some gear tomorrow at St. Pete. (and a Kayak) Thank You once again for the input!!!
  10. pjtaft

    Cleaning Rods And Reel From Saltwater

    well,.. first thing I did was rinse with fresh water,. I figured that it was better than it sitting with saltwater.. luckily it's a low dollar rig,. so I guess that we'll open it up tonight and see how it looks. Thank You for the replies,. hopefully they will touch on this at the St Pete seminar,.. lol,
  11. I recently took my 8 year old wading in from gandy causeway,. and now have a rig that was submerged in salt water,. any special cleaners or techniques that you can recommend?
  12. I am looking to take my 8 year old out for his first trip on a party boat this weekend,. for a 1/2 day trip, but everything I am seeing is going to run about $100.00 for the 2 of us,. anyone know of anything cheaper around? I remember seeing some boats that had a "kids" special trip,. was like 2 hours and was really cheap. Thanks everyone. -- Patrick
  13. pjtaft

    Suggestions for starting place

    That May work,... Thanks!!
  14. pjtaft

    Suggestions for starting place

    indeed,. only ones that seem familiar are the flounder, blues and stupid sea robins,.
  15. pjtaft

    Suggestions for starting place

    I appreciate the feedback from all. I am working on learning how to fish here, and take the kids, and teach them all at once,.. This is a far cry from the Fluke fishing i grew up doing in the atlantic off the coast of NJ. it will be an interesting summer, but i am determined that I am going to get rid of the BS excuses and get out there. Thanks Again!!Pat