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    Fishing In Sanibel Island

    Thanks. Yes that does help. Nice to know that I can get responses here. I will definitely be trying that bridge. May be the first stop when I get over there with my friends. With those size Snook maybe I should bring one of my surf casting rods in addition to my Penn Battle 5000. I also got some good info from The Bait Box in Sanibel. Very nice guy. Thanks again for the post.
  2. fishingkat

    Fishing In Sanibel Island

    Hi All. I am looking to do a day trip fishing on Sanibel Island sometime probably next month. Would be fishing from land. I was thinking about the pier at the Sanibel Island Lighthouse or the beach, Blind Pass Bridge or Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge (Tarpon Bay). Has anybody ever fished any of these areas before or lately? Just curious. Also, if you have fished any of these areas which is the best spot to fish & what should we use? Live bait or artificials, etc. Hope to get some feedback. Posted on another BB & got no responses at all. Hopefully somebody will respond here since this place is based on the West Coast of Florida. Thanks!
  3. fishingkat

    Tof Shirts

    Found the shirts. They are nice. Who has them & are they comfy?
  4. fishingkat

    Above Water Dock Lights

    Hi All. Does anybody have dock lights mounted underneath their dock? I am thinking about purchasing one that you mount under the dock (Dock Pro 3500 LED - Green). I have no interest in the lights that are under the water. For those that have these types of dock lights under your dock, are you seeing results? What types of fish do you get swimming around the lights? Feedback and comments would be appreciated. Thank You!
  5. fishingkat

    Sabiki Rigs

    Cast nets are not really an option for me since I am fishing around 2 docks so structures are an issue plus cast nets are not cheap nor are they easy to throw. You tube videos make it look easy but it is not as easy as you think. I will stick with sabikis & I think I am going to get some small aberdeen gold hooks & try that
  6. fishingkat

    Sabiki Rigs

  7. fishingkat

    Sabiki Rigs

    Hi. Thanks for the info. My setup is a Penn Battle 5000 with 15 lb braided line, 30 lb. leader, one split shot sinker & number 1.0 circle hook. Yeah, those sabikis are a pain in the butt. I use squid alot for bait & not just for the sabiki rig. I'll try some different things next time I am out there.
  8. fishingkat

    Sabiki Rigs

    You don't use any bait on your sabiki just this ProCure?
  9. fishingkat

    Sabiki Rigs

  10. fishingkat

    Sabiki Rigs

    I also dab the bait on the sabiki with menhaden oil
  11. fishingkat

    Sabiki Rigs

    Hi all. Wanted to know if anybody on this board uses sabiki rigs to catch their own bait? I have a size 10 & have been catching very small mojarras & small grunts (about 3"). I use them to see if I can get bigger fish & nothing is working with regards to using the little grunts & mojarras I am catching on the sabiki rig. Wanting to try another size to get a little bigger grunts & pinfish. I am thinking a size 6. Trying to bait these small size 10 sabikis with squid is a challenge. For shrimp, forget it. Feedback/comments would be appreciated. Thanks!
  12. fishingkat

    Offshore Rod & Reel Question

    Hi All. Well since I have never really done offshore fishing I am wondering what kind of rod & reel I should get to target dolphin & tuna. Say I would like to keep it around $200 or under. What size hook would do for these, what lb test & what size leader? In the next two weeks I will be going offshore with one of the ladies in my fishing club so I need to have something. My inshore rods, I would assume, would not be sufficient for these big game fish.Hope to get some feedback. There is the marine flea market this weekend so maybe, if somebody responds with a good recommendation, I'll search for that at the flea market. Thanks in advance!
  13. fishingkat

    Matlacha Trip

    Good for you. It's exciting when you catch your first snook. I caught my first one last year in May & he was only 17" but that is fine. I wish I could land a tarpon.
  14. Hi All. Wondering if anybody can tell me is there a list of seminars in the Tampa/St. Pete area for this year? I may just want to take a weekend & stay somewhere & attend a weekend seminar. Need to know what is being offered this year & where.Feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!
  15. fishingkat

    Saltwater Fishing School

    Would be nice if they had this class in South Florida. I definitely would take it. Tampa is way too far to drive.